Suzu Chūma
中馬 錫
Chūma Suzu
Birthday July 1
Gender Female
Blood Type B
Height 120 cm.
Weight 23 kg.
Relatives Tetsuji Chūma (father)
Remi Misora (step mother)
Manga Debut Chapter 93
Oneesan is Popular?
Seiyū Yui Ogura

Suzu Chūma (中馬 錫, Chūma Suzu) is Chū-san's daughter. Her parents are divorced, and her father has said he would only consider getting together with a woman that had Suzu's approval - which Remi Misora received almost immediately.


  • The name Suzu means "tin" (錫).
  • Suzu's surname Chūma means "middle" (中) (chū) and "horse" (馬) (ma).
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