Summer Sakura
Japanese Title 夏の桜
Natsu no sakura
Volume 2
Release Date January 4, 2008
ISBN 978-4-08-874470-4
Pages 208
Previous Paint-Mask
Next So Many Friends
Cover Characters
Himeko, Bossun, Switch, Roman Saotome, Shinzō Takemitsu, Reiko Yūki, Momoka Kibitsu, Tetsuji Chūma
Characters Debuted
Misaki, Tetsu, Sasuke Tsubaki, Mimori Unyū, Sōjirō Agata, Masaya Kitaōji, Suemasu, Kaoru Yagi, Yoshimura (teacher), Ayumi Kuramoto

Summer Sakura (夏の桜, Natsu no sakura) is volume 2 of the Sket Dance manga.

Chapter 8

Misaki and Kōtarō (美咲と光太郎, Misaki to Kōtarō)

When Tetsu was young, his best friend was a terminally-ill girl named Misaki. One night, Tetsu took her to see the sakura trees, but Misaki tripped and fell into the river. Her condition worsened, and her father declared Tetsu a curse, never allowing him to visit again. A few months later, Misaki moved away, but Tetsu began to send her emails under the alias Sakurakōji Kōtarō. Now that Misaki has returned to her hometown, she wants to meet up her penpal, and so Bossun ends up posing as "Kōtarō" to meet her. At the end of their outing, Misaki then reveals that she will be leaving for America the next week for a life-or-death operation.

Chapter 9

Summer Sakura (夏の桜, Natsu no sakura)

Misaki leaves, giving Bossun a large sweater as a present. Tetsu becomes upset over the news of the operation, but refuses to follow Bossun's suggestion of seeing Misaki off and explaining that he was Kōtarō the whole time. After Tetsu leaves, the Sket Dan come to realize that Misaki knew who the real Kōtarō was all along. Later, as Misaki boards her train, the Sket Dan rush over to the train station with a bike and a cart. Tetsu shows up after all, wearing the sweater and shouting "Good luck!" to the departing train. Bossun then instructs Himeko to release a bag of cut-up paper cranes, which resemble sakura petals, into the wind.

Chapter 10

Student Council Executive (生徒会執行部, Seitokai shikkōbu)

Tsubaki barges into the Sket Dan clubroom and suspends the club for being useless and a pointless waste of time. Bossun insists that the Sket Dan is a viable club and the two get into a shouting match. When Yabasawa shows up with a request to perform a play for the local kindergarten, it ends up becoming a competition between the Sket Dan and Student Council. If the Sket Dan lose, however, they will be forcibly disbanded.

Chapter 11

An Awful Snow Princess (ヤバ雪姫, Yaba yukihime)

The Sket Dan, enlisting the help of Roman, Shinzō, Reiko, Momoka and her gang, decide to perform Snow White. Tsubaki, meanwhile, goes to the Theater Club president, Masaya, who promises to put on a great performance of Peter Pan in exchange for an increased club budget. Masaya spies on the Sket Dan and, concerned that their play might be better than his own, destroys their props and costumes two days before the performance.

Chapter 12

Tears Even in the Onihime's Eyes (鬼姫の目にも涙, Onihime no me ni mo namida)

The Sket Dan puzzles over what to do, as the only props they have left are the puppets of the Seven Dwarves. They end up performing a puppet show about a lonely demon named Momo-onihime who is unable to make friends and ends up hurting people. She then meets the Stupid-onihime and after a fight, the two become friends and Momo begins to cry. The story turns out to be an allegory for Momoka and Himeko's relationship. The audience is left in tears, and Agata admits that they are beaten. Tsubaki ends up calling off the competition and abandons his plan to dissolve the Sket Dan.

Chapter 13

Finding Pelorin (ファンディング・ペロリン, Fuandeingu perorin)

There's a contest going on where certain Pelollipop Candy wrappers have a ticket to win a Pelorin doll, which Himeko is determined to get. Chiaki comes to the Sket Dan's clubroom, asking them to help her find her winning Pelollipop wrapper - as the Pelorin doll is for her brother, due to the likeness it bears to a picture of their deceased mother.

Chapter 14

Little Boss Has a Temper (リトルボスはご機嫌ななめ, Ritoru bosu wa gokiken naname)

Bossun finds a bottle of Coke on Switch's desk and drinks it. However, the Coke turns out to be Chū-san's prototype of a hair-regrowth/youth potion. Bossun shrinks to the size of a child, though his mental capacity remains the same. Switch and Himeko borrow clothes from a nearby kindergarten and then take Bossun out "for a walk" to show him off, much to Bossun's annoyance. Later, when Chū-san returns with the antidote potion, Himeko is dismayed but Bossun couldn't be more relieved.

Chapter 15

You Mustn't Watch It (見てはいけない, Mite wa ikenai)

Switch tells the Sket Dan of a rumor going around about a cursed DVD. Ayumi comes in to request that the Sket Dan help her cheer up Yagi. Their efforts are unsuccessful and, when Yagi is on her way out, she bumps into Switch and spills the contents of her bag. She quickly snatches up the DVD that fell and leaves, telling the Sket Dan that it should never be watched. Switch then realizes that the DVD Yagi took was their self-created film drama while the one he is holding is the "cursed" one.

Chapter 16

You Watched It, Didn't You (見たのね, Mita no ne)

The Sket Dan, Ayumi, and Yoshimura gather to watch the video. What scrolls across the screen is a series of math questions, which Yoshimura quickly exclaims are from the upcoming midterms - leading to the group suspecting Yagi of cheating, and Switch reveals that she is rumored to have cheated in her freshman year as well. Later, the Sket Dan learn that Yagi had found the DVD by accident and received a threatening note telling her that even if she told the truth, no one would believe her. They promise to catch the culprit in exchange for seeing Yagi smile.

Chapter 17

Don't Watch It (見るんじゃない, Mirun jyanai)

The Sket Dan, Yagi, and Ayumi meet in the media room. Bossun proposes that Yoshimura was intending to sell the DVD to other students, but accidentally left it in the media room, where Yagi found it. He then had to use Yagi's weakness in the note to make sure that she would not show the DVD to anyone else. Yoshimura eventually confesses after his face appears on the DVD, but tells the group that the administration would never believe them. However, it turns out that Switch had been recording and broadcasting their entire conversation to the school over the PA system.

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