Summer Sakura

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Kanji 夏の桜
Romaji Natsu no sakura
Air Date May 19, 2011
Manga Chapters 8 & 9
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Summer Sakura (夏の桜, Natsu no sakura) is the 7th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


In today's request, Tetsu asks the Sket Dan to meet with his childhood friend, Misaki, who is coming to town for a visit. It turns out that Tetsu has been communicating with Misaki under a false persona, Koujiro, due to some conflicts in their past.

When Tetsu and the gang realize that Misaki already knew and told them about her life and death operation in America, the Sket Dan and Tetsu plan to give Misaki, the best farewell gift. Can Tetsu and the Sket Dan get to Misaki in time before she leaves?


Tetsu asked Sket Dan for help as he explained about his childhood friend, Misaki, who suffered a great disease and came to pay a visit to the town. He send her a message and describe himself as a fictional character to stand-in Bossun in this.

Bossun then take disguise wearing a polo shirt and change his hairstyle. He was told by Himeko to give them help sign whenever he confused and don't know what to do. As Bossun meet up with Misaki, he take her to Cafe where Himeko, Switch, and Tetsu follow.

When Bossun confused about choosing an order, he gave them the face sign again for help and Himeko told Bossun to ask her which place she wanted to visit. Misaki chose to go to a place she used to visit with Tetsu near the river to look for the Time Capsule where a 1.000 paper cranes are buried there.

Although when they checked, Bossun says that there's actually 10.000 in the box. Misaki told Bossun that she will go to America to have a major life or death operation. This shocked Tetsu and confused. As Misaki about to leave, he gave Bossun a gift.

Tetsu was confused and ask them what will he do if she dies. When Himeko mentioned about Bossun's gift, Himeko gave it to Tetsu that its a Summer Sweater in his size. She told him that Misaki already knew that Koujiro was Tetsu all along.

When it about to evening, Takemitsu brought Sket Dan a cart with Momoka's Gang help bringing them a big bag. Bossun told Himeko about his plan to use the paper cranes and cut them into a little pieces. At the morning day, Misaki already arrived at the train station and already off.

As Misaki looking outside to the place she used to visit, she saw Tetsu wearing the shirt she gave for him and running after her and later fall down to river. Bossun, Himeko, and Switch made it in time and let the paper crane's pieces dance in the wind by letting them go to the air.

Misaki promised to do her best to survive. When Bossun home, he got scolded by her foster mother and didn't get dinner.


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