Summer Sakura

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Kanji 夏の桜
Romaji Natsu no sakura
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 7
Tetsu, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Misaki


Misaki leaves, handing Bossun a present. Tetsu becomes upset over the news of the operation, so Bossun suggests that he see Misaki off and explain that he was Kōtarō the whole time. Tetsu refuses to do so, Misaki's father's words about him being a curse still haunting him. Bossun gets angry at Tetsu, telling him that he's running away while Misaki is putting her life on the line. Tetsu leaves, telling the Sket Dan that he had already decided never to see her again.

Misaki's present falls to the ground and Bossun opens it, revealing a huge sweater. He then realizes that Misaki knew all along that Kōtarō was actually Tetsu. Bossun makes plans to use the paper cranes.

As Misaki boards her train, the Sket Dan rush over to the train station with a bike and a cart. Himeko worries whether Tetsu will show up or not, but Bossun assures her that he will, if he's a man. Indeed, Tetsu shows up, wearing the sweater and shouting "Good luck!" to the departing train. Bossun then instructs Himeko to release the cut-up paper cranes, which resemble sakura petals in the wind.

The Sket Dan later learns that Misaki's operation was successful and that Tetsu flew out to America to see her. Bossun makes a pair of connected paper cranes, hoping something will work out between the two of them.

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