Suddenly, Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress

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Kanji やにわにモモカ舞台女優への道
Romaji Yaniwani Momoka butai joyū e no michi
Air Date January 26, 2012
Manga Chapters 78 & 99
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

Suddenly, Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress (やにわにモモカ舞台女優への道, Yaniwani Momoka butai joyū e no michi) is the 42nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


In the first half, Momoka who asks the Sket Dan to help her find a deeper meaning in the script for her audition. In the second half, Roman shares the good news of her manga artist debut.


1st Story: Momoka's Road to Being a Stage Actress

Roman wakes up late, and as she hurries down to the post office to deliver a package, she bumps into Fumi. She leaves with Fumi and thinks happily about her dreams of becoming a manga artist. At the karaoke bar, Momoka sings her nervous theme song from her show while Bossun, Hime, and Switch cheer her on. In the park, Hime compliments Momoka for her cute voice which Momoka denies it. Momoka tells them that she is worried about her acting job in a play. The gang decides to help her, and Bossun acts as Shinji. While Switch and Hime provides commentary during Bossun and Hime's acting, Bossun gives Momoka a hug from behind. However, Bossun gives her Anthony instead of a ring which ruins the moment. Switch adds that there is another interpretation to the script and changes the voice. Everyone pictures a giant in pain, and Hime and Bossun rants about how the story changes. Switch hands Hime, Specter much to Bossun and Hime's displease. Switch pretends to die, and Bossun thinks Switch is pulling a prank. Switch's words gives Bossun an idea.

He acts American, and Momoka follows his lead. (see points of interest for all the words). After a few words mixed, Bossun ends with Shinji running away. At rehearsal, Momoka shocks everyone by singing. She explains to the director that she found a deep meaning, but the guys around her don't believe it. The director goes outside and agrees with the producer that Momoka is a true talent. Later, Momoka lands her next debut as a singer. 2nd Story: Sudden Temptation

Hime looks at the idol magazine and wonders what she will do in the future. She asks Bossun who wants to play Switch's toy. Hime thinks about their classmates who know their future:

  • Shimada - Newspaper report
  • Dante - Musician
  • Shinzo - Samurai?
  • Momoka - Actress and singer

Bossun reassures her that most students don't know what they want to be. When Hime brings up Bossun becoming a detective, Bossun rants about spying on cheating spouses and finding cats. Hime and Switch agrees; Switch brings up Roman who is wants to be a manga artist. Roman pops in the only way she knows by breaking the 4th wall. She goes off topic about imitating alien's language much to Hime and Bossun's annoyance. She hands Bossun, a Margarine Extra magazine. When she explains that her manga made a debut. Bossun yells loud while Switch thinks the judge's standards are strange. Roman explains that she got her one shot because it won the golden butter jam award. She wonders if Bossun likes her manga out loud.

As Hime and the others read Roman's manga, they get lost in Roman's bizarre stories whose characters just pop in and change their character drastically. An alien pops in out of nowhere. When the others finally finished the story, Hime and the others agree it was entertaining. Roman starts to cry, and Bossun narrates a bit. She stops crying and talks outloud about Bossun understanding her. Hime finally knows what she's going to be when she grows up. The following day, she creates her story. Meanwhile, Roman works on her manga story until Fumi pops in. She reveals her storyboard work to Roman who realizes this is good stuff. Roman tells Fumi that they are going to work as a team to make an anime series in two years.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • The anime has extended Switch's acting scene with the monster. Compared to the manga, Switch is seen handing Specter to Momoka.
  • Bossun and Momoka's faces do not change much in the manga during their American acting.
  • Fumi Segawa did not appear in Roman's story for the manga.
  • The intro to the anime that features Roman mailing her manga does not occur in the manga.
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