Sudden Temptation (やにわにテンプテーション, Yaniwani tenputeeshon) is a manga created by Roman Saotome which received an honorable mention for Betsumar Magazine's Golden Jam and Butter Award. In the contest, it was apparently the work which most caught the judges' eye, receiving the title "noticeable turnip of the month," and was printed in the magazine's 40th issue.


  • Chika: The main character, who is secretly in love with her childhood friend Satoshi.
  • Satoshi: Chika's childhood friend who suddenly reveals he is her brother, though they are unrelated by blood. He then demands to be called "Saint Shogun Varias" and dons an odd armor outfit.
  • Mystery Man: A Rambo-esque man Chika encounters on her way to school.
  • Mystery Alien: A friendly alien who suddenly arrives on earth.
  • Angry Old Woman