Student Council Executive

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Kanji 生徒会執行部
Romaji Seitokai shikkōbu
Volume Volume 2
Anime Episode 5 and 6
Tsubaki, Shinzō, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Momoka, Inui, Sarukawa, Kijima, Moe Yabasawa


Tsubaki confronts Shinzō in the hall, suspending him from club activities for not following uniform regulations. He then barges into the Sket Dan clubroom and suspends the club for being useless and a pointless waste of time. He also scolds Momoka for visiting. Bossun insists that the Sket Dan is a viable club and gets in a yelling match with Tsubaki.

Just then, Yabasawa shows up. She tells them that her brother's theater group is unable to perform at a kindergarten because of an accident and requests the Sket Dan put on a play for the school in his stead. Bossun jumps at the opportunity, and Tsubaki takes it as well, on behalf of the Student Council, claiming that he can use the Theater Club to put on a better performance. The request develops into a competition: if the Sket Dan puts on a better play, Tsubaki will acknowledge them as a viable club. If not, they will be forcibly disbanded.

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