Stop! Invisible Man-kun
Invisible Bossun

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Kanji ストップ!透明人くん
Romaji Sutoppu! Tōmei ningen-kun
Air Date May 17, 2012
Manga Chapters 114, and 120
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

Stop! Invisible Man-kun (ストップ!透明人くん, Sutoppu! Tōmei ningen-kun) is the 58th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Because of Chuma's another drug, Bossun turns invisible. Everything went well until Bossun's body can be seen little by little from the top. He later meets Himeko and Switch, who will helped him to cover his 'dangerious' part of body with anything they have.

Later, Switch shows his another weird invention, a sumo-alike suit that obey anything the person who wears it said. Bossun tries the 'Jubanni' and could be friends with Jubanni in an instant.


Switch quizzes a stumped Himeko and Bossun. Once Switch states it is a paradox, Himeko and Bossun get into an argument. Switch drinks tea and wonders if he can go to the place beyond the sky. Later in Chuma's laboratory, Bossun drinks Chuma's concoction and gets invisible which is a huge success. Chuma asks Bossun who is nude about Switch and Himeko's whereabouts. Bossun explains that Switch went to an anime store while Himeko is out shopping for her dad's birthday gift. Then, he decides to scare Hime. Before he goes off, he asks Chuma how long does the potion last. Chuma replies about 2 hours. At the party store, Himeko chooses to buy a sash that titles, "Hero of the Day." When Himeko thinks about buying some toys to scare Bossun, Bossun appears with a skull and frightens poor Hime. Moments later, Hime yells at Bossun for scaring her and how he would like it if she hits him. Hime wonders why Bossun is naked and asks him how long the potion would last. Then, Hime points to Bossun whose hair is appearing. She chases Bossun, and the crowd finds it strange that she is chasing a wig. Chibi Roman tells Bossun that his "out-zone" will appear. Hime notices Bossun's eyes are appearing. Bossun suggests that they have to make it look like it's not floating. On the streets, a businessman freaks out when Hime appears to be holding severed head. Hime yells at Bossun for making her look like an Amazon, and the two rethink their plans. Hime proposes using a deer mask as Hime has Bossun march down the street with a "deer head." In the park, Hime realizes that Bossun's chest is appearing and decides to make him wear the sash she bought earlier. When Bossun's arms appear slowly, Bossun has a new plan.

On the streets, Hime walks with Bossun who is wearing the bag over his chest. They attempt to make it look like a housewife just going home with a bag of groceries and a deer head. By the river, Hime and Bossun gets into a fight again. When Bossun's lower body appears, Hime freaks out, and Bossun asks her to check it. They run off and find Switch, and Bossun asks Switch for anything to cover himself. Bossun tells Switch that he will cover his out zone with Switch's anime wall hangings. At school, Chuma gets a phone call from Suzu who sends him a picture of a strange animal who has a deer head. Even though Chuma thinks she has a wildest imagination and that animal does not exist, Bossun appears which corrects Chuma.

Stop Jubanni! Story

Bossun tries to guess Hime's weight by carrying her. After Hime slaps Bossun for being insensitive, Switch informs Bossun about a power suit called Jubanni that can allow the user to carry heavy things. Unfortunately, the suit looks like a sumo wrestler. Switch explains that the suit is voice controlled, and Bossun activates form fit. Bossun gives out the order to walk, but the suit takes it literally when it tries to walk through a building. After that mishap, Bossun has Jubanni help drink cola. However, Switch realize Bossun cannot breathe until the whole bottle is finished. With a peace sign as a confirmation, Bossun spins the robot suit much to Himeko's confusion. Bossun tests out the suit by carrying Himeko and beating Chiaki in softball.

Later in the Sket Dance home room, Bossun talks about Jubanni like it's his friend or human. He doesn't mind spending his life in this suit, and Switch notices something wrong. Bossun thinks about fighting crime as a superhero, and when Himeko thinks it's crazy, Bossun states that he is ready to die anytime. Suddenly, Jubanni takes Bossun up the stairs, and the others realize Jubanni is going to jump off the roof to be with Bossun in the afterlife. Before Jubanni jumps off, Bossun tells Jubanni to disobey his order which confuses the power suit's mind. The suit does a peace sign and sends a final message about wanting to go beyond the sky with Bossun. Later that night, Switch informs Bossun that it will take 3 days to fix things while Bossun remains inside the suit. Himeko delivers onigiri.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun): Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko): Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch): Tomokazu Sugita
Tetsuji Chūma: Jouji Nakata

Anime and Manga Differences

  • Anime Only: Roman Saotome appears a chibi who comments on both stories. She breaks the 4th wall once when she tells Bossun that his "out zone" will appear. Chiaki's scene where Bossun beats her at softball is only in the anime's story of Jubanni. Also, Hosuke makes an appearance but doesn't do anything much.
  • Jubanni Story Alterations:
    • In the manga, Switch quizzes Himeko and Bossun at the beginning of the Jubanni chapter. Compared to the anime, it takes place at the beginning of the episode.
    • In the manga, Bossun is stuck in Jubanni who is standing on the roof but not over the railings. Whereas in the anime, Jubanni is hanging over the railings and doing the peace sign. Only in the anime, Jubanni gives a final message on Switch's computer.
    • In the manga, Bossun explains that he causes a paradox. Whereas in the anime, Switch talks about paradox.
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