Stakeout Blues

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Kanji ステイクアウト・ブルース
Romaji Suteikuauto burūsu
Air Date January 12, 2012
Manga Chapter 74 & Biscuit Dance Omake
Opening Message
Ending Party! Hallelujah!

Stakeout Blues (ステイクアウト・ブルース, Suteikuauto burūsu) is the 40th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


When an extortionist attacks students and takes their money, Bossun and Sasuke do a stakeout to get the guy. Somehow, they pick the same spot and end up together. Will they get along and take down the extortionist?

Plot Summary

Bossun tells Hime that the flowers that Moe gave him are so beautiful. Then, Bossun talks about how the flowers purify your heart and warm things until Sasuke arrives at the moment. (Sasuke ruins the moment). Sasuke scolds Bossun for wandering with a flower vase and misusing his free time. Hime breaks the fight up, and Bossun attempts to dump water on Sasuke on purpose (while trying to make it look like an accident). However, he got Hime soaking wet who beat Bossun up. She bids Sasuke farewell as she drags Bossun away. Bossun tries to remind her about the gentle feeling. Sasuke scoffs a bit. In the student council, Shinba Michiru remarks about how Sasuke and Bossun are like oil and water, but Sojiro thinks they're two of a kind. Everyone else agrees with Sojiro's comment much to Sasuke's disappointment. Everyone leaves Sasuke to deal with the paperwork. As he stamps the papers, he wonders why his president said that. On the way home, Sasuke sees a thug beating up a student and stealing his money. Sasuke arrives after the first blow is dealt. Sasuke parries and punches the guy, yet the thug runs away. He learns that the student is Takaaki Uchida. Impressed that Sasuke knows his name, Takaaki feels more comfortable.

At school, Moe gives Takaaki some flowers while Bossun asks Takaaki how he got those wounds. In the Sket Dance room, he explains the whole story to Bossun. Bossun explains that they have a reliable body guard. When he shows Hime, she is sick and has a fever. Bossun realizes that he got her sick; Hime tells him that he will catch him, but she's too sleepy. After Bossun tells Hime to rest, he asks Switch who also got sick. Back at the student council room, Sasuke debriefs about the incident to Sojiro. Sojiro wants them to inform the students to be on guard. Yet, Sasuke wants to hunt the guy if it means doing it alone. Meanwhile, Bossun asks a Takoyaki vendor if he has seen a student from Tachikawa High. With no answer, Momoka's friends report to Bossun about the guy's turf. Bossun thanks Momoka for the extra help while calling her; Momoka tells him that he's going to pay for getting Hime sick at the studio. Suddenly, Bossun finds Momoka's girls chowing down on Takoyaki and making him pay for it. Elsewhere in the streets, Sojiro and his crew arrive to assist Sasuke, but Sasuke wants to do it by himself because the student council is getting ready for the school festival. Sojiro remembers that the principal wanted to meet with him, and the gang leave Sasuke. Mimori asks Sojiro if Sasuke will be fine, and Sojiro reassures Mimori.

At the end of the day, Bossun and Sasuke wait for the the thug together without noticing each other. Once the the two notice each other, they get into a fight like usual. Despite the fight, they remain on stakeout duty with the awkward feeling. (Switch appears and reveals that Hime is resting and that Momoka has sent a gift for her. For Switch, he's watching a cutesy anime on his laptop.) Later, Bossun drinks coffee to stay awake, and he scolds Sasuke for looking at him drink. Sasuke states that he refuses to drink his coffee, and Bossun decides to make it look delicious. However, he offers Sasuke a drink, but the coffee can has no drop. Suddenly, Sasuke throws the can at Bossun, and two get into a fight again by pushing each other. Sasuke delivers a huge blow to Bossun and talks about his martial arts while Bossun states that he knows martial arts.

In a bit of a flashback, Sasuke recalls that Sojiro told him about Bossun's hidden talent. Sasuke asks Bossun what martial arts he learn. Yet, Bossun tells him Eon Fuya with a weird look on his face and that it's from the Balkan Peninsula. Sasuke asks Bossun to fight him, but Bossun refuses him. With each answer, Bossun has to lie to Sasuke who wants more answers. The subject changes when Sasuke asks Bossun what he will do when the extortionist appears. Suddenly, the thug appears in front of them. Bossun and Sasuke chases him, and Sasuke trips. Before Sasuke trips, he hits the thug. At the same time, Bossun who is behind him dodges the thug. Somehow, Sasuke thinks Bossun did a martial arts move, Fujisaki Valencia. On the way home, the two bicker some more while a lady thinks they are brothers.

At home, Sasuke thinks how Bossun is in sync with him. Meanwhile, Bossun gets hurt while Akane gives first aid to Bossun. The two did the same gesture about beating each other.

Biscuit Dance - Sensei's Favorite

Little Hime and Momoka asks Sojiro to get back the legos that Bossun took from them. When Sojiro arrives to scold Bossun, he is awed by Bossun's lego plane. Bossun explains that he is doing this for Moe's birthday. Hime and Momoka show their gifts to Moe, little Shinba has a cooked meal for Moe, and little Daisy offers her stuffed animal with a Tsundere look. The most surprising part is when Sojiro offers a ring to Moe. However, it is all a dream, and Moe gets a happy birthday regardless.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga version, the scene which Uchida was being extorted is not shown. This also happen for the scenes which the Student Council and the trio of Momoka's gang (Inui, Sarukawa, and Kijima) gathered information about the extortion for Sasuke and Bossun.
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