Stakeout Blues

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Kanji ステイクアウト・ブルース
Romaji Suteikuauto burūsu
Volume 9
Anime Episode 40
Bossun, Himeko, Tsubaki Sasuke, Uchida Takaaki, Switch, Shinba Michiru, Agata Sōjirō, Ishii


While Bossun and Himeko admire their beautiful flower, Tsubaki walks by and comments about the Sket Dan wasting time. As a result, Bossun and Tsubaki get into argument. Bossun tries to accidentally throw water at Tsubaki, but he ends up splashing Himeko. in the club room, Uchida tells Bossun that he was extorted by a Yankee from Taichikawa High. Bossun tells Himeko and Switch to help him. Unfortunately, they have a cold. At the Student Council room, Agata tells Tsubaki about the same thing. Tsubaki tells Agata he will go alone. During the stakeout, he meets Bossun. After their quarrel with a coffee can, Tsubaki informs Bossun that he has been studying martial arts. Bossun pretends that he had been studying, too. Tsubaki then challenges Bossun for a fight. When Bossun refuses, Tsubaki continues to beg Bossun. Bossun gives in and reveals that he has a technique called Fujisaki Valencia. They suddenly spot the Yankee extorting another student. Tsubaki and Bossun decides to split up. On his way, Tsubaki trips, but he manages to hit the thug with his Tsubaki Explosion. Bossun appears from behind and avoids colliding with the Yankee. Tsubaki mistakes Bossun's movement as Bossun's secret, Fujisaki Along the way home, a woman spot Tsubaki and Bossun walking in sync as if they are siblings.

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