Special Mariko Broken (壊れてしまった特別な真理子, Kowarete shimatta tokubetsu na Mariko) is a side-scrolling platform game created by Master Won (under the guise of the company Wontendo) for the Fancy Yunpyoter. It parodies several games, among them Super Mario Bros. and Dragon Quest. The game itself is aimed at children, but the story behind it is a heavily realistic, dark and moody tale. Yamanobe asks the Sket Dan for help in completing the game, as he had heard that the ending was very touching. However, they are never able to complete it as the Yunpyoter overheats right after the final boss battle as a result of them having played for 4 hours straight.


The game tells of how the protagonist, a girl named Mariko, has a "special" relationship with her superior, and is ultimately left with a broken heart.


  • Mariko (マリコ): The game's protagonist, who is controlled by the player. She is in love with Director-General Kamei, which causes her to hold back when fighting him on her own. She tied for 38th place in the Second Character Popularity Contest with 90 points.
  • Louisiana (ルイジアナ): Mariko's younger twin sister. Talking to her is necessary to beat the final boss, where she and Mariko join forces. She ranked 85th in the Second Character Popularity Contest.
  • Director-General Kamei (亀井本部長戦, Kamei honbu chōsen): Mariko's superior and the game's final boss. He can ultimately be defeated by Mariko and Louisiana's combination move "Unison Attack."



  • B button: Jump.
  • A button: Execute actions.
  • C button: By holding the C button while moving, Mariko dashes.
  • G button: Flaps Mariko's arms to slow her descent when she's falling.
  • S + J + (Up & Right) buttons simultaneously: Down.

Eringi (エリンギ)

When Mariko hits certain blocks, differently-colored mushrooms called "Eringi" pop out. Eating them causes a variety of effects, a reference the power-ups in Super Mario Bros.

  • Red Eringi: A skill-up which makes Mariko grow larger. Her job title changes and, because her job skills have improved, she is promoted to manager. It doesn't change anything in terms of gameplay, but is meant to give the player a sense of accomplishment.
  • Blue Eringi: A career-up which changes the color of Mariko's outfit. She is transferred to a more prestigious company, but it also is only meant to give the player a sense of accomplishment.
  • Green Eringi: A 1-cup. As it contains cheap convenience store sake, when Mariko drinks it she becomes instantly drunk and difficult to control.
  • Yellow Eringi: A hot compress which speeds up Mariko's movements when applied and makes controlling her even harder.
  • Pink Eringi: A 'give-up' which makes Mariko lose a life.

Enemy Battles

Enemies appear in random encounters, much like in Japanese RPGs, and fights occur on a battle screen. There are 64 battle commands, among them Sleep, Fight, Run, Defend, Phone Parents, Admonish, Refrigerate and Speak. Battles take place in real-time, and if the player takes too long to select a command, the enemy will attack. There are also a wide variety of summons, weapons and magic spells.


Though the graphics start out simple, akin to those in Super Mario Bros., they change throughout the game. Enemy encounters resemble those in Dragon Quest, with an image of the enemy against a landscape background taking up the top half of the screen. When Mariko jumps down a pipe, the backgrounds become 3D and the characters are represented with polygons. The game's cutscenes have elaborate graphics, as well as voice acting.