So Many Friends

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Kanji 友達がいっぱい
Romaji Tomodachi ga ippai
Volume Volume 3
Anime Episode 14
Takaaki Uchida, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Takako Shimada, Tetsuji Chūma, Teppei Sugihara, Kumi Itō, Moe Yabasawa,


Standing outside the hospital room, the Sket Dan learn that in order to keep his mother from worrying about him, Uchida had told her that he is the most popular in his class and can win the Mr. Popular medal. Bossun muses that Uchida's mother probably knows the truth.

The voting takes place, but Uchida leaves to go to the hospital before the results are posted. He tells his mother the truth, but his mother reassures him that she knew already and that she doesn't worry just because her son isn't popular. He then hears shouting from outside the window.

The entire class is outside the hospital, led by the Sket Dan. They cheer for him and tell him that he's won the medal for Mr. Nice Guy. Everyone in the class noticed the little things he did to help others and voted for him. Uchida then begins to cry and tells his mother that the noise outside the window is from all of his friends.

The other results of the contest are announced: Switch won both Mr. Popular and Mr. Otaku, Himeko won Miss Strong, Teppei won Mr. Athlete, and Yabasawa won Miss Nice Vocals. Bossun becomes depressed that he did not win anything.