Slender (スレンダー, Surendaa) is a Tokusatsu hero TV show. Its protagonists are a five-man team called "Super Skinny Slender" (超痩身スレンダー, Chō sōshin surendaa) who wear uniforms akin to sentai heroes like the Power Rangers or Kamen Rider. The show's antagonists are an evil organization called Dark Sider (ダークサイダー) and it is characteristic for its leaders to be cute. Every aspect of the series (characters, robots, weaponry) has a name containing "-er," and at least one movie has been made based on it.

At one point, the series' parent company holds a promotional event for hardcore fans consisting of a large number of collectible Gashapon toys. Though the Sket Dan manage to collect the entire set, afterward they wonder why they had wasted so much time and money to do so.


Super Skinny Slender Members


The Slender members

  • Red Commander (レッドコマンダー): The leader and group founder.
  • Blue Sub-Leader (ブルーサブリーダー): The second-in-command.
  • Pink Cheerleader (ピンクチアリーダー): The only girl of the group.
  • Sepia Expander (セピアエキスパンダー): The strongest of the group.
  • Cocoa-Brown Suspender (ココアブラウンサスペンダー): The one rumored to one day betray the group.

Dark Sider Leaders

  • Sidewinder (サイドワインダー)
  • Death Salamander (デスサラマンダー)
  • Rose Madder (ローズマダー)
  • Clam Chowder (クラムチャウダー)


  • Anthony (アンソニー): A boy who calls the Slenders when the Dark Siders appear.
  • Bartender (バーテンダー): The keeper of the Slenders' hideout, who takes Soba-making classes on weekends.
  • The Slim Crusader (スリムクルセイダー): A mysterious fighter who saves the day when Slender is in a pinch.
  • Rejoicer (ハシャイダー, Hashaidaa): A minor character from the movie who transformed with the story. There are four other variations of him in Gashapon form, to represent these transformations: Downer (ヘコンダー, Hekondaa), It's All Over (モウダメダー, Mō dame daa), Shocker (サイシュウショクダー, Sai shūshukku daa) and Shocker (オレンチカジダー, Ore nchi kaji daa) - the last of which appears in gashapon form as a bronze bust.
  • Spy Spider (スパイスパイダー)
  • Breeder (ブリーダー)