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Air Date July 14, 2012
Manga 131 & 132
Opening Reboot
Ending Colors

Skip is the 62nd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The school trip has come! Before that, there'll be a competition between classes to decide their room at the trip. The competition is skipping rope! Everyone in class D are excited about this but not Saaya who really bad at sports. She asks the Sket Dan for help.

After the skipping competition is over, there's one problem: Kaimei High has 8 classes of second year but only 7 buses. After each class draw a lottery, Sasuke is riding on the same bus with Class C, Bossun's group. On a 20 minutes break, Switch suggests to Saaya to ask Bossun directly how he feels towards Himeko. However, there's a problem. Due to Chuuma's drug, Bossun and Himeko's souls are switched! Not only that, Sasuke is also hypnotized!


Chuuma breaks the good news to Bossun's class about the school trip to Niigata. He tells them that they have an important event to get through first. Json informs his class that they need to come up with something to decide how the rooms are split. Then, Chiaki has the answer, a giant rope skipping competition. Saaya volunteers to turn the rope, but Horii states that Saaya is too short. The class observes the two Tsundere girls arguing. In practice, Saaya trips the rope after "one." The boys find Saaya cute, but Horii gets a bit mad. She asks Saaya if she knows how to ski and doubts if Saaya is going to learn. Chiaki backs Saaya, but Saaya refuses to skip rope. Her classmates noticed that Saaya is easier to approach than before, and Chiaki knows where Saaya is heading off.

In the Sket Dan clubroom, Saaya asks Bossun and his gang to allow her to practice with them. Saaya explains she is bad at skipping rope with her grade," Try Harder." While Bossun skips rope, Saaya hesitates to jump it. Hime tells her to jump in because Bossun is blushing and singing like a pervert. In Saaya's fantasy, Bossun's eyes move to Saaya's chest, and Hime kicks Bossun. Saaya wonders why Bossun and his gang is helping her. On the following day, Remi announces that Sasuke's group is in the lead with 78 skips. Saaya's class starts skipping ropes, and Bossun and her classmates cheer on Saaya. Then, someone trips the rope, and Remi states that Saaya's class is one short of Tsubaki's class's record. Saaya admits she is the one who trip the rope, and Chiaki and her classmates congratulate Saaya. Later, Horii asks Saaya why she cover up her mistake. Saaya tells Horii to shut up and explains that they are the same. She asks Horii to teach her how to ski. Bossun gives his class a big pep talk, and before they can complete one skip, Bossun trips the rope.

Later, Tsubaki remembers that they had to drew lots to decide which two classes should occupy a bus together due to having an odd number of buses. He is a bit annoyed that he has to sit with the Sket Dan at the back of the bus. Bossun hands Pocky to his gang and Chuuma. He asks Sasuke if he wants some, but Sasuke states he has "kuki," kukiwakame. On Saaya's bus, she overhears that Sacchin wants a boyfriend which makes her think about Bossun. When Chiaki mentions "monsoon," Saaya is startled and thinks they said Bossun. Saaya struggles to ask Chiaki and Mimori about a boy thing. The school buses take a 20 minute break to rest, and after Bossun and Hime go to the store, Switch notices Saaya and asks her. Saaya calls him a pervert and tell him to back off. Though, Switch finds her response amusing for a Tsundere. Saaya thinks that Switch is always with those three. She asks Switch about Bossun and Himeko's relationship. He replies that their relationship is not romantic, but he doesn't know how they feel toward each other. He tells Saaya to ask Bossun directly, and Saaya gets all flustered and her face red. Switch thinks it's normal for two friends of the opposite sex and that it is easier to ask that question on this trip.

Back on the bus, Himeko gets carsick, and Chuuma offers some of his medication. He opens his pill case. The pill case has three medications that Bossun already tried out in the previous episodes. Chuuma explains the new medicine, and when he sees Bossun and Sasuke are twins. He wants them to try out the Exchange medication because the twins have a higher success rate. Hime yells at Bossun and Sasuke for being loud and forces them to take the Exchange medication. She takes the motion sickness medication. Bossun and Sasuke take the Exchange drug, and both of them pass ot. Tsubaki wakes up and acts like Bossun. However, Bossun wakes up and freaks out when he sees Hime sleeping. When Himeko wakes up, she states she is Bossun. It turns out that Sasuke has taken the Hypno drug while Himeko and Bossun has taken the Exchange drug. Chuuma explains that Exchange and Hypno drug look similar, and for the solution, he tells them to take the same drug again. Then, Chuuma realizes that the rest of the Exchange drug are Hypno. Bossun and Himeko are stuck in each other's body for three more days.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun) : Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko) : Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch) : Tomokazu Sugita

Saaya Agata : Kana Hanazawa
Sasuke Tsubaki : Hiro Shimono
Tetsuji Chūma: Jouji Nakata

Chiaki Takahashi : Satomi Sato
Horii Kanako : Yui Kano

Manga and Anime Differences

  • During the Skip! chapter, Chuuma breaks the fourth wall by talking about the author and how he doesn't have enough material to do a trip to Kyoto and Okinawa.
  • Also, Remi did not appear in the manga version of Skip! Plus, Mimori did not appear in chapter 132 for the anime's bus scene where Saaya hesitates to ask Chiaki about Bossun.
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