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Kanji スケッチブック
Romaji Sukecchibūku
Air Date July 28, 2011
Manga Chapters 50 & 51
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Funny Bunny (Rock Stock version)

Sketchbook (スケッチブック, Sukecchibūku) is the 17th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Bossun sees that Sagisaki is still not confident with her abilities. Will he succeed in changing her mind with the new band they formed?


The principal looks at the horizon, holding his own guitar and wonders who will win the Kaimei Rock Festival. The scene switches to Bossun asking why Himeko was frustrated. It was revealed that all his team members for the competition were sick. So they had to disband. Switch then also arrives and tells that he quit his team because of differences since all the other members only wanted to talk about anime and didn't practice at all. After knowing this, Bossun says that he was glad that he still has a team.

Himeko then asks what it's called, and he says that's it's called 'Sket Bombers' in which they say that it was lame. Bossun then arguably walks away, saying that he needs to practice. Going back to practice, he meets Sagisaki again and they practice. Sagisaki is shown to have a flashback on how much she likes the violin. Bossun encourages Sagisaki to continue her dream but she shook her head. Bossun then receives a phone call that their drumist was injured so they needed to disband. Bossun is disappointed.

Now, all three members of Sket Dance sit and think of what to do. Bossun then finally has the idea of the three of them joining. They go to the Student Council, and ask if they can still join. Tsubaki objects but the president agrees otherwise. Bossun then hopes that Sagisaki would be watching him sing in the rock festival. He states that the name of their band is The Sketchbook.

The next day, the festival starts with Dante's band. Himeko statess that Dante is very different when he's on the stage. Elsewhere, Ayano cancels her trip to Europe after not being confident in her abilities. After Dante's team performs, it was the Student's council turn to sing and the crowd goes wild over them. Bossun admits that they're good and he admits that he's a bit nervous. Himeko encourages them to try their best, Bossun again hopes that Sagisaki would be there to watch him perform.

Now, after the student council performed, it is the Sketchbook's turn to sing, they position themselves and sing in which the crowds cheer for them. Tsubaki comments that the only reason why the crowd was cheering was because they helped a lot of people. Daisy contradicts what Tsubaki said and says that he actually likes it. Then, Sagisaki suddenly has a change of heart and hurries to watch Bossun perform, as the tune goes on, she hurriedly fastened her footsteps until she finally arrives when their song is at their finish. Though, to her shock, Bossun has another song to perform in which touched Sagisaki and said that this song was actually meant for her. She cried and had flashbacks of the past and how she loved playing the violin.

After a few days, the scene shifts to the airport in which they say their goodbyes to Sagisaki and hopes that her career as a violinist would blossom at Germany. As they go home, they talk about who won the festival, which was Dante's team, and the Student Council came in second. The episode ends with the three of them walking home.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Ayano is present during the whole Kaimei Rock Festival event. Compared to the anime, she is on the train and arrives to the festival late. Though, she manages to hear Bossun's song.
  • Since the Switch Off arc occurs after the Kaimei Rock Festival arc, Shinpei (Shinzo's younger brother) does not appear in this episode.
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