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Kanji スケッチブック
Romaji Sukecchibūku
Volume 6
Anime 16 and 17
Sojiro Agata, Shinba Michiru, Mimori Unyuu, Sasuke Tsubaki, Himeko, Bossun, Himeko, Switch, (Moe Yabasawa, Yumi, Yoshie Shimizu, and Sacchin (Speech Bubble)), Otakura, Ayano Sugisaki, Seiji Igarashi


Sojiro and Shinba are discussing about this year's turnout since some bands will drop out at the last minute. Before Sojiro and Shinba can drop out with their band, Sasuke arrives to get his team to do some rehearsals. Meanwhile over at the Sket Dan clubroom, Himeko and Switch inform Bossun about their band. In Himeko's case, her band drop out due to a sickness while in Switch's case, his band has disputes over the band's name. When Bossun comments that Switch and Himeko's band are lame, Himeko asks Bossun about his band name. Bossun replies it's the Sket Bombers, and Himeko mocks the name. During Ayano's rehearsal, her teacher gives Ayano a hard time and looks down on Ayano's skills.

Later at Bossun's practice, Ayano comments that Bossun is improving. Bossun asks Ayano how she aspired to be a violinist. Ayano explains that she got into playing the violin when she first saw how a violinist on television touches her heart at a young age. With her parents' help, Ayano is living her dream. Bossun asks Ayano for a demonstration, and he states that Ayano is going to do well in Germany. Though, Ayano states she is not going. Seeing doubt on Ayano's face, Bossun gives her a pep talk to make Ayano to believe in herself and that she needs courage. Deeply touched with Bossun's words, Ayano's faith is restored. When Bossun's cellphone rings, he receives startling news about his band dropping out due to Seiji having a broken arm.

Back in the Sket Dan clubroom, Bossun and the gang are all gloomy until Bossun gets an idea. He asks his crew to form a band called the Sketchbook.


  • The name Sketchbook is an combination of "Sket", "ch", and "books" from the Sket Dan's former bands.
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