Sketchbook is the 1st album of The Sketchbook, the real-life version of the band that Bossun, Himeko, and Switch formed.


  1. Michi - (2nd opening)
  2. Kakusei - (new song)
  3. Colors - (5th ending)
  4. Message - (4th opening)
  5. Water Color - (new song, lyrics written by Kenta Shinohara)
  6. Kiwoku - (Switch's Switch Off ending)
  7. HERO - (Himeko's Ogress ending)
  8. Birthday - (Bossun & Tsubaki's Happy Rebirthday ending)
  9. Traveler - (new song, episode 64's insert)
  10. Funny Bunny~The Sketchbook Ver~
  11. Clover (2nd ending)
  12. Drop (lyrics written by Hiroshi Tada, arragement by Yuu Watanabe)
  13. Mirai e (new song, sung by Hiroshi Tada, Riko Kohara and Yuu Watanabe)

CD + DVD version Only

  1. Michi music video
  2. Clover music video
  3. Colors music video
  4. Message music video
  5. Limited edition of Switch's past special ending
  6. Limited edition of Himeko's past special ending
  7. Limited edition of Bossun's past special ending
  8. Audio commentary from The Sketchbook
  9. End roll footage credit (Birthday / Colors song live in person)you
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