This is the Manual of Style for the Sket Dance Wiki. Currently, it is a work in progress and will change over time as the Wiki expands and develops.

Sket symbolAny headings which do not apply can be omitted.

Character Articles

Each character article should have a Character infobox, filled out with as much information as is currently known about the character.


  • Backstory: Anything which happened prior to the series' start. A story arc that centers on a character's backstory would be included here, rather than in the "Major Story Points/Major Story Arcs" section. This section should always be written in past tense.
  • Appearance
  • Personality
  • Major Story Points/Major Story Arcs: Subheadings are incident/event names (ie. Kaimei Rock Festival, Glass Man Incident, Paint-Mask Incident, etc.) in which the character was prominently involved.
For main characters like the Sket Dan and Student Council, the "Major Story Points" section is instead called "Major Story Arcs". Subheadings are to be multiple-chapter story arcs only (ex. Kaimei Rock Festival, Gachinko Vivage Battle, You've Got Mail!, etc.). The Sket Dan members should have also links to the List of Sket Dan Requests and Alternate Universe Stories pages.
  • Special Abilities: In bullet format, with the "title" of each ability bolded.
  • Weapons: In bullet format, with the name of each weapon bolded.
  • Relationships
  • Trivia
  • Quotes

Sket symbol Remember: Character articles are written in present tense, except for the backstory section.

Chapter Articles

Each chapter article should have a Chapter infobox, filled out as completely as possible (the "characters" heading has been changed and is now a part of the infobox).


  • Summary - A summary of the chapter. Please don't simply rewrite the entire chapter panel-by-panel.
  • Notes (optional) - Included if there is something of note about the chapter that wouldn't be covered otherwise. If you're not sure, you can either ask an admin or include it anyway. Good examples of notes would be cultural references or notes from the author.

Episode Articles

Each episode article should have an Episode infobox, filled out as completely as possible.


  • Summary - A summary of the episode. Please only include a maximum of 2-3 additional pictures in the article, if you intend to add any.
  • Cast and Credits - A listing of the episode's voice cast. An episode article should only include the voice cast listed in the episode's credits (if you're uncertain of who/what that entails, you can leave it blank and an admin will add it). Below is the layout for the Cast & Credits section:
*Hiroyuki Yoshino: [[Bossun|Yūsuke Fujisaki (Bossun)]]
*Ryōko Shiraishi: [[Himeko|Hime Onizuka (Himeko)]]
*Tomokazu Sugita: [[Switch|Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch)]]
  • Anime and Manga Differences - This section includes significant alterations between the anime and manga - including dialogue, order of events, character appearances, etc.
  • Notes (optional) - Included if there is something of note about the chapter that wouldn't be covered otherwise. If you're not sure, you can either ask an admin or include it anyway. Good examples of notes would be cultural references or notes from the author.


This is an English-language Wiki. Apart from non-English proper names, all content in this Wiki must be expressed in English - including articles as well as discussion and talk pages. Please try to attain a solid background of the English language before editing on the Wiki.


For romanizing Japanese vocabulary, revised Hepburn romanization is to be used. Fansubbers are known to use wāpuro rōmaji to romanize Japanese vocabulary. For example, the name Ryōsuke uses revised Hepburn romanization, whereas wāpuro rōmaji uses Ryousuke. Please avoid using wāpuro rōmaji on this Wiki and learn revised Hepburn romanization before editing.


All proper names should be listed in their native languages, whether Japanese or English. Characters' full names should be expressed in Western ordering. For example, the character Kazuyoshi Usui as opposed to Usui Kazuyoshi. Characters should commonly be referred to by their first names, surnames, or abbreviated names depending on which forms of their names are used the most throughout the manga series (ie. Bossun for Yūsuke Fujisaki, Tsubaki for Sasuke Tsubaki, Himeko for Hime Onizuka, Chū-san for Tetsuji Chūma, etc.). Kikuno Asahina can be referred to as either Asahina or Daisy, depending on the context.

Sket symbol This wiki favors the translations put forth by manga sites, as opposed to those used in the anime. If an episode has the same title as a chapter but is named otherwise by the subtitles, use the chapter title instead.

Capitalized Vocabulary

If a chapter's title was originally in English and had non-capitalized words, leave them as is. The following words and types of words must be capitalized.

  • Sket Dan
  • Character Names
  • Location Names
  • Club Names
  • Inventions
  • Potions/Creations

Image Policy

The Basics

  • When possible, upload PNG images - as they are of a higher quality than JPEGs. Do not upload GIF images.
  • Anime images are preferred to their manga counterparts. Obviously, if a character does not appear in the anime, there is no option but to use a manga image.
  • Do not upload profane images.
  • Do not upload any sexual and harassing images.
  • Do not upload fanart or images which were created by fans. In other words, only images from official sources, such as the manga, anime, novels, databooks, etc., may be used in the articles.

Filenames and Duplicate Images

You must rename gibberish filenames before uploading. Sometimes, images are saved as filenames consisting of random strings of letters and numbers, like "kgjasgjkgjgkflfs.PNG". Image filenames should offer an incredibly simple description of what the image contains. For instance, even without looking, you can tell that [:file:Hime and Bossun's handshake.png|Hime and Bossun's handshake.png]] will be an image showing Himeko and Bossun shaking hands. Images which are not renamed will be deleted.

Try to see if the image you wish to upload has already been added to the wikia. We know it's hard to figure this out sometimes, so we aren't incredibly harsh about it. Duplicate images, however, will be deleted.

Fairuse and Categorizing

When you upload an image, please add {{fair use}} and the fairuse template.

This wikia is going to start adding categories to uploaded images, in order to facilitate avoiding duplicates. To add an image file to a category, use the following, depending on the most applicable. If more than one applies, then include as many as necessary.

  • [[Category:Images/Character]] - "Character" here is replaced with the name of the character in question.
  • [[Category:Images/Group]] - Group images are made up of a large number of characters. This category is primarily for images which contain so many characters that listing all may prove tedious or otherwise difficult.
  • [[Category:Images/Manga]]
  • [[Category:Images/Anime]]
  • [[Category:Images/Novels]]
  • [[Category:Images/Items]] - Item images involve inventions, potions, and basically anything that could be considered inanimate.

Image Quality

  • Avoid uploading images of poor quality. This includes those which are blurry or of extremely low resolution, as well as those with subtitles and watermarks. Using any of these only serves to lower the overall quality of the wiki.
  • Please don't upload .gif images, even in you convert them into another file format before uploading. The .gif format does not handle quality properly. It has a limited color depth, and, as a result, the moment you save an image with the .gif format it loses a large amount of quality. We also prefer .png images over .jpg images because .jpg images slowly lose quality each time you save them. None of this quality loss can be recovered without the original image.
  • Each image should be of the highest quality possible. For anime pictures, ideally that would be 720 dpi.

Images should ideally have a large dpi (resolution) to ensure clarity of detail. Please refrain from uploading thumbnail images. Images used in infoboxes should be sized at 300px for the purposes of the infobox, and those used elsewhere in articles should be either 190px or 250px, depending on the number of pictures present and their positioning. Additionally, never add an image to an article without resizing as that will ruin the layout.

Image Placement

While including images in articles is an excellent way to depict what is being explained, an excessive use of them will only cause an article to look cluttered. If you plan to include multiple images within a small section of an article, you can reduce them to a smaller size (190px). Make sure that you alternate left-right alignment when including images.

At most, you should only include an image every other paragraph. Do not add multiple images to the same paragraph, even if you align them on opposite sides of the page. This only serves to overpower the text of the article, making the information difficult to read.

Additionally, do not include extra images on the chapter articles. The only image on a chapter article should be the one in the infobox.

Galleries and Slideshows

Do not add any galleries or slideshows to the character articles as they increase the page's loading time. Any images which warrant appearing on a character article should correspond to information on the page (ie. an image of a technique next to the technique's description, or an image of an event next to the story arc during which it takes place).

Sket symbol Remember: Do not use slideshows on any page.

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