Sket Dance OVA
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Episode N/A N/A
Kanji スケットダンスOVA
Romaji SKETO Dansu Ranshi
Air Date February 04, 2013
Manga Chapters 198, 199 and 200
Opening N/A
Ending Split Milk

Sket Dance OVA is the OVA of the Sket Dance anime.


Shinba shares his plans with Saaya and the Sket Dan to fix Soijiro's perspectives on Saaya's love interests.


A teacher finds Sōjirō making a strange paradigm in class. In the Sket Dan Club room, Switch helps Himeko untangle her earphones. Before Bossun could help out, the whole group notices Saaya in the doorway. Saaya informs the Sket Dan that Sōjirō had failed his Tokyo University Entrance Exams. She mentions Sōjirō kept uttering "Bosami" and "Tsuba." Bossun and the gang knew what's going on in Sōjirō's head. Bossun goes over tactics to get Sōjirō focused on his studies. Suddenly, Shinba enters the room with the answers. He shares that Sōjirō is concerned over his little sister's relationships with Bossun and Tsubaki. With only two days before the exams, Shinba draws out Sōjirō's love paradigm. In Sōjirō's mind, Bossun has a crush on Saaya while Saaya and Tsubaki have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Kiri notices Tsubaki sneezing and gives him items to help his president get over his cold.

Back to the drawing board, Shinba mentions that he somehow got into the love paradigm since he notices Sōjirō giving him the evil glare. Saaya blames herself for pulling her big brother down. Bossun states that they can undo this like untangling knots. Shinba declares himself as leader for the mission, Operation Love Rewrite. He formulates four scenarios: Saaya and Tsubaki must be seen dating, Bossun must prove he loves Saaya, Shinba must prove he loves Saaya, and Saaya must break up with Tsubaki and date Shinba. With the four scenarios down, Shinba and his crew must act quickly. During the operation, Switch signals the others that Sōjirō is here. Saaya struggles to act smoothly with her love rejection in front of Shinba. Shinba's snide comments infuriates Sōjirō. Somehow, Daisy and her female friends arrive on scene. Mimori decides to call her counselor while Daisy finds Shinba a gross man for taking advantage of Saaya. When Shinba accidentally touches Hani, Hani enters Bunny mode. When things are becoming a mess, Bossun has Himeko provide distraction. Switch intervenes and tells Shinba and Saaya to be friends.

Back to the drawing board, Shinba debriefs his team for the 2nd stage of the operation. With Sōjirō nearby, Bossun acts out his lines and mentions that he has given up on Bossun. For the third stage, Switch and Shinba walk past Sōjirō with their conversations in order to entice Sōjirō to go after Tsubaki. In the student council room, Saaya confesses to Tsubaki who is actually Bossun in disguise. The two break up which causes Sōjirō to be confused. Himeko notices the real Tsubaki along with Kiri are approaching the room. Himeko, using Switch's invention, alerts Bossun and Saaya. After Bossun and Saaya exit the room through the window, Himeko grabs Tsubaki to prevent the plan from falling apart. However, Sōjirō notices Tsubaki. Even though the group think their work is done, Saaya finds out that they have further complicated Sōjirō's love paradigm.

Saaya goes over the current love paradigm. Switch has feelings for Saaya and try to make Saaya break up with Shinba. Regarding Tsubaki, Saaya has mixed feelings for Tsubaki while Shinba is angry at Tsubaki. Along the line, Himeko is in love with Tsubaki. For some odd reason, Sōjirō put down Tsubaki as an esper. After the meeting, Bossun contemplates on his next move. On the day of the exam, Bossun pays Shinba a personal visit. Bossun shares that he wants to help Saaya and explains that Saaya blames herself for distracting her older brother. Bossun states that Saaya had depended on him. Saaya steps in and remarks that Bossun is like Sōjirō. Sōjirō notices how Saaya is holding Bossun's sleeve and recalls Saaya's descriptions of the person she likes. Before Saaya could confess her true feelings, Sōjirō has to leave for his exam. At Kaimei High School, Saaya informs Bossun that Sōjirō had aced his exam. Sōjirō arrives on scene to chat with Bossun.

On the rooftop, Sōjirō asks Shinba if he's mad at him. Sōjirō notices Saaya, Tsubaki, and the Sket Dan making a banner.


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