Sket Dan-su for a Day

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Kanji 1日スケット団ス
Romaji Ichinichi suketto dansu


Bossun seems to have jumped in a river to save a kid, and after that, the Sket-dan were featured in the newspaper! Then Otakura said something about wanting to lead the Sket-dan, and order Himeko and Switch around. Yuuki and Shinzou wanted to try being in the roles of Himeko and Switch, respectively. The argument ended up being settled by a Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament, but all of the real Sket-dan lost. So Yuuki, Shinzou, and Otakura took over the Sket-dan clubroom for a day while the real Sket-dan watched from a security camera somewhere.

Today, the "Sket-dan" have lots of requests. They solve the first two, and the last is a girl saying someone took a cellphone charm from her. Yuuki uses her fortune telling skills to tell where the culprit is (and she was correct). When the culprit decides not to give it back, Shinzou threatens the guy with his face and sword, so the cellphone charm is returned. By the way, Otakura didn't really do anything.

From the cellphone charm request, Yuuki, Shinzou, and Otakura change positions. Yuuki becomes "Bossun", Shinzou becomes "Himeko", and Otakura becomes "Switch".

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