Shinzō Takemitsu
武光 振蔵
Takemitsu Shinzō
Birthday October 28 (manga)
January 21 [1] (anime)
Gender Male
Blood Type O
Height 183 cm.
Weight 72 kg.
Hair Dark brown
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-A (chapters 1-209)

3-C (chapters 210-present)

Affiliation Kendo Club (captain)
Relatives Funzō Takemitsu (father)
Shinpei Takemitsu (younger brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 4
Peppermint Samurai
Anime Debut Episode 2
Peppermint Samurai
Seiyū Katsuyuki Konishi (Drama CD)
Kenta Miyake (anime)

Shinzō Takemitsu (武光 振蔵, Takemitsu Shinzō) is the captain of the Kendo Club and a self-styled modern-day samurai despite his proficiency with cellphones and computers.


During his first year of high school, he always participated in the first round of the Kendo Club's competitive matches and had an excellent win ratio. However, in his second year, he ended up becoming the club captain due to seniority and a lack of third-year students and instead participated in the final round of the matches. His win ratio drastically decreased as a result.


Shinzō has long dark brown hair, which he neatly ties up in a ponytail. He has turquoise colored eyes and sharp expressions, though sometimes, he can also show really dull expressions. He is muscular, tall and well-tanned which is natural for a samurai. Usually, he prefers wearing his purple and black hakama everywhere, even in school.


Shinzō Takemitsu is described as a "samurai who fell through a time portal by accident" by many of the characters in the series. That "samurainess" completely influenced his lifestyle to the point where he wears his hakama everywhere and even speaks in medieval Japanese when talking to other people. However, as a modern day "samurai" he is surprisingly good at cell phone games, chat rooms, BBS, and other internet activities. Though he is described weirdly by most characters, he is a kind-hearted and righteous person who will help those in need (shown when he tried his best to help the Sket Dan). He is also noted to be quite loyal to those who help him, probably from his samurai influence, and is especially loyal to his friend Bossun. It should be noted that his samurai influence came from his father, who is equally similar to him.

Major Story Points

Kendo Troubles

Shinzō comes to the Sket Dan with a request to help him regain his kendo prowess by the upcoming competition, as he has been on a losing streak since becoming captain of the Kendo Club. The Sket Dan trio each try a different method of training him, but all their efforts end in failure. Resigned to the inevitable, Shinzō attends the competition and eats his usual FRISKE mint to boost his fighting spirit. With the final match nearing, Bossun realizes that Shinzō has been losing because the effect of the FRISKE wears off before his match. As Shinzō unsteadily faces his opponent, a FRISKE mint shoots into his mouth courtesy of Bossun's slingshot and he successfully wins the match. Unfortunately, the flavor is so strong that Shinzō passes out immediately afterward.

Gachinko Vivage Battle

Fashionable Samurai

Shinzō states that he wants to quit being a samurai. This due to his pen pal, Megumi Daigorou, who is exceptionally pretty. It seems he had love at first sight and even kept a photo of her face as his phone's wallpaper. At that, Himeko contacted Momoka Kibitsu, who asked a favor from a stylist to lend the Sket Dan and Shinzō a room at the TV Studio. With only two hours, the Sket Dan got to work and made Shinzō choose any type of clothing he wants. His first choice of clothes were terrible, even to the point of being compared to 'The Lethal Crusher Guy' by the Sket Dan. His second choice of clothes were rejected due to his long quiff. His third choice of clothes, with the influence of Switch, was a parody of 'Vegeta' from Dragon Ball (which was definitely rejected). His fourth choice of clothes, with the influence of Bossun, was some kind of hairy monster costume (which was also rejected). Then, Bossun suggested they cut his hair and shave his beard, which was agreed by everyone. That, however, made him look like Niizuma Eiji from Bakuman.

In the end, they referred to a fashion magazine to dress Shinzō. Ironically, Shinzō found that Megumi is actually a man. With the Sket Dan immediately abandoning him, Shinzō was forced to spend the date with Megumi.

Samurai and Purin

Shinzō doesn't appear much but he is apparently the cause of the Samurai/Purin incident. He asked Bossun to send an email to the manager of a site that Shinzō likes (under the internet name of 'Samurai'), which is actually Koma. Gradually, Bossun took over as 'Samurai' and starts chatting with 'Purin', who was actually Koma until Himeko took over.

Special Abilities

High concentration: With the help of the Sket Dan, he was able to concentrate to his maximum ability without the need of a 'Friske', which used to help him concentrate.

Hand-eye co-ordination: He is exceptionally good at playing games (on mobile phones)

Strength and Kendo Skills: While he is naturally strong, he is also great in Kendo and possesses mastery in that particular skill.


  • His preferred flavor of FRISKE is peppermint.
  • He doesn't wear any underwear in Episode 2
  • He wears his school uniform, though only for a short time, after being lectured and threatened by the Student Council member Sasuke Tsubaki. [2]


To Tsubaki: "I am a samurai and now, as ever, I have but one life to stake. As a result, my eyes have been truly opened."[3]


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