Shinpei Takemitsu
武光 震平
Takemitsu Shinpei
Birthday June 21
Gender Male
Blood Type A
Height 183 cm.
Weight 74 kg.
School Kaimei High School, Class 1-D
Affiliation Student Council (chapter 286)
Relatives Funzō Takemitsu (father)
Shinzō Takemitsu (older brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 41
Anime Debut Episode 24
Seiyū Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Brother to Shinzou Takemitsu and is a fan of Momoka Kibitsu. He is gifted at kendo like his brother. When he was younger, Shinzou and Shinpei trained very hard at kendo.Though he is talented at kendo his brother is more talented. He became a delinquent when he was in middle school and frequently got into fights. He lost his brother's lucky bamboo sword during a fight and was seen searching for it in a river. He found it with the help of the Sket Dan. He is a fan of Liberty Maji and Yankee Detective.

He has a rivalry with Kiri Katou (In the idiom of Samurai vs. Ninja)