Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking

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Kanji 榛葉道流のエレガント・クッキング
Romaji Shinba Michiru no ereganto kukkingu
Air Date October 13, 2011
Manga Chapter 102
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Shinba Michiru's Elegant Cooking (榛葉道流のエレガント・クッキング, Shinba Michiru no ereganto kukkingu) is the 28th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Yagi asks Shinba to host a cooking show for the broadcast segment during lunch. Though, things go haywire when Sōjirō and Daisy's antics get Shinba drunk. At the end of the episode, Bossun and his gang play a clip that reveals the heights of the characters in the Sket Dance anime series.


The principal (Genzaburo) announces that the school has the television online and before he can strum his guitar, Yagi informs the school that they will have regular broadcasts. In the Sket Dan room, Ayumi thanks Switch for helping them; she asks Yagi if they can ask Switch for help. While Switch talks, Bossun and Hime are disgusted about how Switch is smart. Yagi asks Switch about what programs would be entertaining; Switch replies that they could interview someone about their special talent. Switch searches his database for individuals, but Yagi proposes to host auditions. In the first audition, Bossun and Hime are already out due to their afros. Shinzo appears and gets axed from the competition. Next, it's Roman who displays her otaku filter, but Yagi uses her camera which she fails Roman. Later, Yagi convinces Shinba to do his cooking on their show. In the student council room, Shinba tells his friends that he's doing a cooking show, yet Daisy thinks he doing to get girls. Shinba wants Sasuke and Mimori to help him cook; however, Sojiro tells Shinba that he should have asked him because Sojiro feel left out. When Shinba asks Daisy, Daisy is busy dicing things. Once Shinba refuses, Mimori proposes everyone to pick golden straws. Shinba tells them not to do it.

In class, Switch and his friends watch the Kaimei Lunch time show. Before the show starts, Shinba finds Sojiro sleepy and unmotivated while Daisy is in a sad mood due to her favorite stuffed animal, Moi Moi, has been thrown away by her mother. The staff calls Shinba to the show before Shinba can help his friends. Shinba walks in with a rose in his mouth; Yagi introduces his two assistants. Sojiro reads the list of ingredients and tells the viewers the wrong things with the lack of passion. Daisy is chopping goya which is not the right ingredient. When Shinba asks Daisy to crack the eggs, she smashes against the table and cries out for MoiMoi. The viewers feel sympathetic for Daisy.

Later, the staff tells Shinba to use his assistants; Shinba finally asks his assistants to help out while he prepares the hamburger meat. To Shinba's surprise, Sojiro and Daisy flatten the hamburger meat by playing baseball with it. Then, Sojiro starts cooking clams and asks Daisy to pour cooking sake all over it. Suddenly, the rice wine gets Shinba really drunk. According to Daisy, Shinba has low alcohol tolerance. Shinba starts to give Sojiro a noogie; he starts to flirt with Daisy much ot his fan girls' surprise. Daisy pokes Shinba's eyes causing Shinba to attack the camera. Shinba tries to get more sake while Sojiro stops him; Yagi ends the show without any lost composure. Shinba throws the wine bottle at the camera.

Moments later, Shinba wakes up with a bad headache in front of his friends at the infirmary. Mimori remarks that Sojiro had carried Shinba much to Sojiro's annoyance. Sojiro reminds Shinba about the incident in Christmas where Shinba ate a whiskey bon bon. Shinba yells at Sojiro because he realize it is Sojiro's fault. Mimori tells them that she has paid for the damages. At the grocery store, Bossun gets a text message from Switch who tells them that they're going to be on the school's next show. Bossun's mother and sister are happy for him.

When Bossun gets home, he makes a face with a "3" lip. Rumi and Akane go through Bossun's things and play the DVD. In the DVD, Moe is singing a song while Bossun and his Sket Dan crew are playing tambourines. Then, Akane and Rumi look sad at Bossun. Bossun complains that he is the main character of the show.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • The anime and the manga starts off differently. The manga starts with Yagi asking Shinba to do his cooking demonstration for the broadcast. Compared to the anime, Yagi and Ayumi asks Switch what to do; Genzaburo announces the TV system works.
  • The manga chapter does not show Genzaburo, Bossun's sister and mother, Shinzo, Roman, and Ayumi.
  • In the manga, Sojiro pours the cooking sake whereas in the anime, Daisy pours the cooking sake. The anime shows a separate clip of Shinba getting drunk after eating a whiskey bon bon.
  • Only in the manga, Sojiro breaks the 4th wall by stating Shinba won the 19th place in the character popularity poll.
  • Only in the anime, Bossun and his team play the tambourines with Moe singing.
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