Seeking Out Tsukkomi

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Kanji さぐりあうツッコミ
Romaji Saguri au tsukkomi
Air Date July 12, 2012
Manga Chapters 155 & 143
Opening Clear
Ending Sekai wa Okujō de Miwataseta

Seeking Out Tsukkomi is the 66th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


The Sket Dan trio discovers that Hosuke is sick of his food that Saaya usually gives him (Sausages), by arranging the Sausages into Katakana, saying it is wanted to eat something else. Switch later uncovers another weird invention that could translate an animal's thoughts to human language in a 1-5 meter radius. However, it works but not only for Hosuke, but their (Bossun, Himeko, Switch, and a certain girl) inner thoughts also are translated.

Later, Momoka comes and asks for Himeko's help to be a contestant in a comedy show that Momoka is currently being the host assistant for, as she knew Himeko has great skill in tsukkomi. But her opponent is a pro, can she beat him?


As Saaya, Bossun, Hosuke, and Himeko hang out, they watch Momoka on the television, a show about Tsukkomi. When Bossun informs Saaya that they are friends of Momoka, Saaya asks Bossun to say something interesting. Bossun utters the words, "poopy," and Saaya storms out and calls Bossun boring. Bossun and the others see that Hosuke spelled a message out sausages. Switch announces his new invention, Braviera, and this invention can translate animal language as he demonstrates with Hosuke. Bossun and Himeko read Hosuke's thoughts about wanting yukhoe. Later, Switch explains that the machine picks up thoughts in a five meter radius. Bossun tries out the machine again, and it picks up Himeko's thoughts.

Then, the machine pick up Bossun's thoughts after Bossun tries thinking a word. Switch confirms that the machine can pick up humans' thoughts since humans are animals. The machine picks up more thoughts from everyone and at the same time, it enrages and confuses everyone. When the machine reveals a message about red horned catepillars, Himeko thinks Bossun's hat prevents Bossun's thoughts from being read. After Himeko and Switch wear masks, Bossun finds his thoughts being picked up regardless of his headgear. Then, Bossun wears a Buddha mask. Bossun begins asking questions, and the computer reveals that the others think Bossun which causes Bossun's self esteem to go down. Changing the topic, Switch asks everyone to state who they like. The computer picks up red horned catepillar, and Bossun yells at Hime only to get slapped. Meanwhile, Yagi and Ayumu walk past the clubroom. Moments later, the Sket Dan are depressed, and Hosuke lands and presses on the button. Hosuke's message cheer Sket Dan; however, it turns out that Roman's thoughts are picked up as she works on her manga.

Kanashikata is the host of the new show as he introduces himself and Momoka, and he explains that in this show, comedians battle each other. In the crowd, Momoka's crew cheer her on. Kanashikata introduces the two comedians, Komiyama Tsutomu and Hime Onizuka. Meanwhile, Saaya watches the show, and she believes that the Sket Dan are Momoka's friends. In a flashback, Momoka explains that she got in an argument with Komiyama when she states that Hime is the better Tsukkomi. Switch uses Braviera to help Momoka ask Himeko who gladly accepts the challenge. In the present, Bossun is worried about Himeko as he brings up the Pelocan commercial incident. Komiyama tries to intimidate Himeko, but Himeko's nervousness disappears as Himeko gets her game on. In the first game (Throw Zingers at the Video), Momoka explains that the players have to yell their tsukkomi, and the judges will score their performances. As the footage for the policeman reveals, Himeko strikes first at the title. Himeko and Komiyama keeps yelling at the footage, and when the game is over, Hime has 45 points while Komiyama has 40 points. Now, Hime has the lead, and everyone is cheering her on, but Komiyama refuses to lose.

In the next game (Pick Apart Your Partner), the host introduces Ogura of Okra Bacon who is the partner of Komiyama. In the audience, Switch comments that Himeko is not used to making jokes as she is good with natural Tsukkomi situations. During Komiyama's part, he and his partner captivate the audience and gained a total of 95 points. Himeko feels overwhelmed, and Momoka spots Switch. She asks the host if Hime can pick a partner who is more familiar, and Komiyama allows Hime to pick someone from the audience. Then, Bossun is given the spotlight, and he fusses with Himeko who goes over the game plan and displays how confident she is. Himeko asks Bossun to say something interesting. Instead, Bossun says poopy with a bashful face, and Himeko attacks him. Immediately, the audience laughs hysterically. In the end, Himeko gets 97 points, and Momoka embraces Himeko. Bossun asks anyone about him, yet everyone cheers on Himeko and Momoka. When the TV host mentions that Himeko has to show up for next week to defend her title as the champion, Himeko freaks out, and she makes a weird face.


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Cast & Credits

Yuusuke Fujisaki (Bossun) : Hiroyuki Yoshino
Hime Onizuka (Himeko) : Ryōko Shiraishi
Kazuyoshi Usui (Switch) : Tomokazu Sugita

Saaya Agata : Kana Hanazawa
Momoka Kibitsu : Marina Inoue
Roman Saotome: Ai Kayano

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Saaya, Kijima, Sarukawa, and Inui does not appear in the manga version.
  • Braviera is not used in chapter 143.
  • The manga added a scene in the first game (Throw Zingers at the Video) with a robber and an old lady. Whereas in the anime, they only show the police.
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