School Trip Rhapsody (2)

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Kanji 修学旅行狂詩曲-2
Romaji Sukūru torippu rapusodeii 2
Volume 15
Anime 63
Tetsuji Chūma,Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Genzaburō Karamatsu, Sasuke Tsubaki, Saaya Agata (Mentioned), Moe Yabasawa


Chuma tells Bossun and Himeko that he can make another Soul Swap (Exchange in the anime) drug from using the ingredients from the kitchen. While he does that, Moe asks Himeko (Bossun) to get dress with them. However, the real Himeko does not approve. She tells Bossun that he will see girls changing. Despite that, Himeko wants Bossun to touch them, but Bossun does not want to. As a solution, Himeko and Bossun help dress each other. First, Himeko helps Bossun dress, and she finds how beautiful her body is. With their ski clothes on, Himeko (Bossun) tells them that he has to go to restroom.

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