School Trip Rhapsody, Part 2

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Kanji 修学旅行狂詩曲 後編
Romaji Sukūru torippu rapusodeii kōhen
Air Date June 28, 2012
Manga Chapters 136 (Half of it), 137, 138, 145
Opening N/A
Ending N/A

School Trip Rhapsody, Part 2 is the 64th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Switch attempts to prevent Saaya from talking to Bossun, but Reiko and Sasuke distracts him. When Saaya gets to Bossun, Switch decided to not interfere with the two's feelings. Saaya finally asked Bossun (Himeko) how he feels about Himeko. She had never thought about it before, but answered like she's Bossun. Later that night, Himeko explains to Bossun about Saaya's question. What did Himeko said to Saaya?

This episode included the "QUEST DANCE".


While Shinzo does his warm-ups, he notices Bossun and Himeko swapped bodies. When Shinzo asks Daisy and Mimori for their contacts, Daisy beats him. Then, Daisy answers with "nya." As Saaya practices skiing, she spots Bossun and Himeko arguing on the ski lift. Horii and Chiaki tell Saaya to do the snow plow technique down the hill. Meanwhile, Switch keeps an eye on Saaya, and Otakura pops by and asks Switch what he is up to. Otakura notices Switch is looking at Saaya which Switch finds annoying. Elsewhere, Roman draws for a girl, and Daisy yells at Dante to get off the table. Moe comes by with wings on her back and she asks Himeko (Bossun) to take a photoshoot. Bossun (Himeko) gives permission, but Switch wants them to go together. After Himeko (Bossun) leaves with Moe, Bossun (Himeko) asks Switch what he has been up to. Bossun (Himeko) thinks Switch and Momoka are a pair. Then, Reiko sneaks up on Switch from behind, and she notices something strange with Bossun's soul. She explains that his soul has been switched with someone else. When Switch takes away Reiko, Bossun (Himeko) clean himself due to sweating a lot. Saaya spots Bossun alone.

Reiko shakes Switch vigorously and tells him that Sasuke is acting like a cat. Before Switch can intervene between Saaya and Bossun, he spots Sasuke holding a Niigata doll. Reiko informs him that doll will ward off the spirit. When Switch asks Sasuke for the doll, Sasuke hands over the doll without any objections. It's too late when Saaya asks Bossun to talk with him alone. Switch stops Reiko from splitting up Saaya's conversation since he does not want to interfere with people's feelings. He, Reiko, and Sasuke go out to get a drink while Bossun (Himeko) and Saaya leave to a quiet place. Saaya asks Bossun (Himeko) how he feels about Himeko because she thinks Bossun is in love with her. Himeko thinks for a moment, and she knows nothing about him. Bossun (Himeko) states he has no special feelings for her and that he doesn't notice her at all. Saaya seems relieved, and Bossun (Himeko) asks Saaya about how she feels about Bossun. Saaya yells at Bossun, and as she faces the wall, she admits she does not know at all. She sits near Bossun, and she explains that the Sket Dan help her get along with her classmates. She thanks Bossun and his friends for their help as she cries.

After Bossun (Himeko) catch up with Himeko (Bossun), Tsubaki announces it's bedtime. Because both Himeko and Bossun cannot sleep with the opposite sex, they go over to Chuma's bedroom only to find one futon. The two fuss a lot until Bossun (Himeko) asks Himeko (Bossun) how he feels about Saaya as a girl. Himeko (Bossun) states he has no special feelings for her, and Bossun (Himeko) informs him that Saaya asks the same question about how Bossun feels towards Himeko. After Bossun hears how Himeko reply, the two sleep. On the following day, they get ready, and Saaya does the snowplow right. Suddenly, the Sket Dan loses control and ram into Saaya. At school, Chuma, Bossun, and Himeko take their respective medicine. However, it turns out that Chuma and Himeko (Bossun) switch body. Meanwhile, Moe finds Sasuke playing with a ball like a cat. QUEST DANCE

In Remiida's pub, Bossun looks at the members for his party, and he finds them not suitable to take down the Demon Lord. Chiaki explains that the priest can change their jobs, and Remi takes down their jobs. Over at the church, Sojiro is the head priest, and he prepares to change Bossun into an archer. Yet, on the paper, it says "A-chan" for Bossun and the others have their jobs altered. Moments later, Bossun and the others go over the jobs that Remi wrote. Switch volunteers to be the stage magician, and Sasuke states that someone with a name starting with "A." Enigman volunteers to be "A-chan" after taking his mask off revealing his true identity. Himeko wants to be a dancer, but Bossun and the others want Saaya to be the dancer. Himeko thinks they doing it for her breasts. When Himeko says that Bossun should be a monk since he has no interest in women, Sasuke volunteers to be monk, and he shave his hair. In the end, Bossun is the slime while Himeko is the grape farmer. Can Bossun's party be able to take down Dante?


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Cast & Credits

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Characters that did not appear in the manga version are Shinzo, Otakura, Dante, Yagi, and Ayumi Kuramoto. For the anime, Queccion and Enigman did not appear, and they make a cameo in the manga version.
  • In Quest Dance, they omitted Chuma's scene.
  • The manga version has Reiko as the only character who noticed Bossun and Himeko swapped bodies. Whereas in the anime, it is Roman, Shinzo, and Reiko in that order.
  • The anime has extended Saaya's scene with Bossun (Himeko) with added flashbacks of Saaya and Himeko's point of view of Bossun.
  • Also, the anime has added clips of Momoka singing and dancing from episode 56.
  • For Switch, Reiko and Shimada are the ones who note how Switch is looking at Saaya from afar in the manga version. Compared to the anime version, it is Reiko and Otakura.
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