School Trip Rhapsody, Part 1
Himeko and Bossun are confused by Roman

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Kanji 修学旅行狂詩曲 前編
Romaji Sukūru torippu rapusodeii zenpen
Air Date June 21, 2012
Manga Chapters 133, 134, 135,136 (Half of it)
Opening N/A
Ending Colors

School Trip Rhapsody, Part 1 is the 63rd episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Due to Bossun and Himeko's situation, things get tense when their female classmates asks Himeko (Bossun) to change or to take a bath, and Bossun (Himeko)'s help is making things worse. Meanwhile, Switch is keeping an eye out for Saaya, Sasuke is acting like a cat, and Chuma is making a cure for Bossun and Himeko. Can Bossun and Himeko avoid giving out secrets during their ski trip?


Remi asks Chiaki and Mimori about Chuma's whereabouts, and Moe adds that the Sket Dan are missing as well. Meanwhile, Chuma informs Bossun and Himeko that he has the necessary ingredients for the cure from the kitchen which sounds like what they ate for dinner tonight. When Principal Karamatsu strolls by, Chuma tells them not to tell anyone about this because they will fire him and Sket Dan will lose their advisor. The end result would be Sket Dan getting disbanded. Bossun asks Chuma what has happened to Sasuke. Speaking of Sasuke, Sasuke takes a hypno drug in order to return to normal. However, the cat starts meowing which makes Sasuke start imitating the cat. Later, Saaya bumps into Daisy and Mimori, and Daisy thanks Saaya for helping her with the Yabuta incident. Sasuke greets them with his new transformation, cat ears. Back to Bossun and Hime, Himeko tells Bossun to not wander around since people can find out. However, Bossun states that they could just imitate each other and enjoy the ski resort for the day. Switch realizes that situation can turn ugly because he remembers telling Saaya to ask Bossun about how he feels toward Himeko. Then, Sasuke tells everyone to gather at the slope while ending his sentences in "nya." Moe and Izumi asks Himeko (Bossun in reality) to change with them. After Izumi and Moe leave, Himeko threatens Bossun about looking her body and other girls changing clothes while shaking him. Bossun states that he will just change in the bathroom, and Himeko slaps Bossun. Himeko tells Bossun to touch them, and Bossun says that he will not touch them all. Lurking around the corner, Roman notices something strange between Bossun and Himeko.

In Chuma's room, he mistakes a Hypno pill for a tablet that causes him to lose all motivation. Bossun skips happily in Himeko's body while Himeko (in Bossun's body) has difficulty. Roman bumps into Himeko and informs him that she knows that her prince is in Himeko's body. After Roman's breaking the 4th wall scene, Saaya is practing skiing with Kanako while Switch spies on Saaya. Suddenly, Reiko approaches behind and asks Switch what he is doing. Switch replies that he is bird watching, and Reiko notices he has been watching Saaya and thinks there is something. At the sidelines, Bossun and Himeko plead with Roman to not tell anyone, and Roman confuses them further with her role in the anime. In the evening, the class eats, and Remi asks Himeko if they have seen Chuma. In Chuma's room, they find out that Chuma has eaten one of the pills that robs one's motivation. Over the mikes, Tsubaki announces that the students should take a bath. Himeko and Bossun beg Switch to help them, but Switch tells them that he has to buy a souvenir for Momoka.

Elsewhere, Chiaki asks Himeko (Bossun) to take a bath with them, and when Bossun says that he will skip a day, Himeko tells Bossun that she reserve a family bath. The situation gets worse when Himeko tells them that Himeko (Bossun) is taking a bath with her and she mentions how she would like to her body naked. Chiaki and Saaya finds Bossun (Himeko) a pervert, and Saaya storms off with Chiaki following her. Both girls tell Bossun (Himeko) to walk off a bridge. Bossun and Himeko beat each other up while Switch observed the whole scene. After a strange bath scene, Daisy attacks Sasuke and rips off his cat ears.

In Saaya's room, she rants off how Bossun has no delicacy despite not being Himeko's boyfriend, and the other girls share their thoughts on Bossun and Sket Dan. Once they start talking bad about Sket Dan, Saaya interrupts them, and she explains that the Sket Dan and Bossun are very kind. Chiaki remarks how Saaya has changed ever since she met the Sket Dan. Saaya responds back in a tsundere fashion while Himeko cannot sleep, and Bossun struggles to sleep due to being tied up by Himeko.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • Manga Only Scenes: The changing scene in chapter 133 and the bathroom scene in chapter 134 are not animated.
  • Anime Only Scenes: The scene where Daisy attacks Sasuke and rips his cat ears off while Mimori is on the massage bed is not in the manga. Roman's scene with Himeko and Bossun scenes are not present as well.
  • Scenes and Continuity Alterations: The anime's ski scene replaces the changing and bathroom scene. In fact, the manga only scenes are portrayed as eyecatchers while Roman breaks the fourth wall and explains what has happened in the manga. For continuity, the anime places the ski scene before the scene where Chiaki asks Himeko to take a bath with her.
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