Sawa Yamauchi
Sawa smiles
山内 沙羽
Yamauchi Sawa
Age 16
Birthday November 2
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Height 160 cm.
Weight 44 kg.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Manga Debut Chapter 42
Switch Off, Part 1
Anime Debut Episode 24
Seiyū Yumi Hara
Sawa Yamauchi (山内 沙羽, Yamauchi Sawa) is the childhood friend of Kazuyoshi Usui and Masafumi Usui.


Sawa is a beautiful girl with brown hair that is styled in a hime-cut with wavy bangs that curls towards her face, brown eyes and a mole under her left eye. Like most students, she usually wears her uniform which sports a blue coat and a short skirt.


Sawa is a kind and playful girl who will tease her childhood friends. In one instance, she gives Masafumi Usui a bear hug and playfully tell him that she will marry Masafumi when Masafumi reveal his latest software. Though, her comment about Masafumi being the smart one unintentionally made Kazuyoshi Usui jealous. Like Remi Misora, Sawa has a tendency to mix words as she has trouble with English words such as "stalker" in her cases.


Ever since middle school, Sawa was popular with boys where she and Kazuyoshi Usui held feelings for each other, but they were ultimately unable to openly admit them until it was too late. When they were children, Kazuyoshi asked her whether she would rather marry him or Masafumi Usui (Kazuyoshi's brother), in which Sawa chose Kazuyoshi.

During her freshman year of high school, she discovered a boy was stalking her. Soon after, when she received a death threat in the mail, she went to the Usui brothers for advice. As a result of their suggestions, she decided to go buy some self-protection equipment. Kazuyoshi, who had been acting strangely, opted not to go and instead she went with Masafumi. Some time after they went out, they encountered Yukino Hirai (Sawa's supposed friend) - who stabbed Masafumi in the chest. As a result of a conversation with Kazuyoshi, Yukino believed Masafumi was Sawa's boyfriend and acted out of revenge for her own ex-boyfriend dumping her in favor of pursuing Sawa. Shortly after Masafumi's death and his brother's subsequent downward spiral, Sawa and her family moved where she couldn't remain in the same town any longer as it held too many memories and she kept seeing Masafumi wherever she went.


  • Kazuyoshi Usui: Sawa and Kazuyoshi are very close. In their past, she chose Kazuyoshi as her future husband, but it is not known that she was serious until Kazuyoshi confesses his feelings for Sawa, in which she reply that she feels the same and she left him with a broken heart.[1]
  • Masafumi Usui: Like her relationship with Kazuyoshi, Sawa is also close with Masafumi but she has no romantic feelings for Masafumi.


  • "Bro, let's go see the fireworks again sometime, the three of us!"[1][2]


  • Sawa's surname Yamauchi means "mountain" (山) (yama) and "inside" (内) (uchi).


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