Gender Female
Hair Blonde
School Nikkō High School
Manga Debut Chapter 5
The Legendary Onihime
Anime Debut Episode 3
The Legendary Onihime
Seiyū Aki Kanada

Sarukawa (去川) is a member of Momoka Kibitsu's gang.


Sarukawa has short blonde hair in a sort of mullet style. Her canines appear sharper than the usual and her ears are large.

She wears a boy's black gakuran with the first three characters of Nikkō High School (二本一) on the back. She looks significantly more masculine in the manga than she does in the anime.


Major Story Points

The Fake Onihime

Momoka's Image Change


  • The surname Sarukawa means "monkey" (去) (saru) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa).


  • Like the other members of Momoka's gang, Sarukawa is based on a character from the Momotarō folktale: the monkey.
    • "Saru" is the Japanese word for monkey (although the kanji used in her name is different than that of the word).
  • When Sarukawa laughs, it sounds like a monkey.
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