Samurai and Clothing

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Kanji 武士と服装
Romaji Samurai to fukusō
Air Date November 3, 2011
Manga Chapters 72 & 96
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Samurai and Clothing (武士と服装, Samurai to fukusō) is the 31st episode of the Sket Dance anime.


Shinzo requests Sket Dan to help him become fashionable in order to impress a girl who he has a crush on. In the second story, Hime and the gang try out an exercise video to get into shape.

Will Shinzo succeed in his date and will Hime and her gang get a good work out?!


Some school girl talks to the audience (Shinzo) about the Sket Dan club and how the leader is a great guy despite being clumsy and mental. Shinzo reads the text message on his phone as the girl tells him that she wants to meet him. Shinpei ask Shinzo if he had a tournament coming up, yet Shinzo laughs it off.

In the Sket Dance room, Shinzo informs the Sket Dan crew that he is quitting the samurai way of life and his service to Bossun's group. Bossun and Hime comment that Shinzo is never a real samurai while Switch remarks that Shinzo was not serving them. Shinzo reveals his new smart phone that he bought with the money worked at the mall. He reveals that Megumi wants to meet him. All the Sket Dan members shout that Shinzo has a beautiful friend, but Shinzo confesses that he has set Megumi's pictures as little icons for his wallpaper much to Hime's disgust. Shinzo explain to Sket Dan that he asked Megumi about what type of boy she likes; Megumi replies that she likes a tall, muscular, and manly man and in fashion. Suddenly, the Sket Dance crew realize that Shinzo cannot be fashionable due to his samurai attire.

Now, Shinzo explains that he cannot betray his beliefs because his brother has faith in him and asks Bossun should he change his ways to please his friend. A moment of silence ensues. Suddenly, Bossun yells out about how Shinzo is not a real samurai and that he should choose love since he's in high school. He grabs Shinzo's hand and tells him that he must do it with the support of Hime and Switch. Later, Shinzo asks them to change his attire; Hime takes them to TV Tokyo, Momoka's costume room. Hime tells Shinzo to pick out some clothes,so they can see what Shinzo likes. When Shinzo changes, Switch and the others have low expectations for him. Shinzo comes out with a delinquent attire which Momoka voice her approval. Hime goes out to find an attire that is manly. Minutes later, Shinzo appears with a rock style of clothes, but when Shinzo turns his head, he has a long do. Switch proposes a way to make use of Shinzo's long hair. As everyone waits, Shinzo comes out in a Vegeta costume and messing the names from the show. Bossun has Shinzo wear a furry costume.

Finally, Bossun gets serious and cuts Shinzo's hair. Then, Shinzo emerges as Eiji Nizuma from Bakuman. Hime is angry about the cameos; Switch proposes that they dress Shinzo in a white coat (Gin's coat). Things end when Momoka has to do her show. In the city, Shinzo is in his new clothes; he gets a message from Megumi. He spies Megumi and goes out to ask her. Megumi asks Shinzo if he is the same Shinzo, but she explains that she is waiting for his younger brother, Shinpei. While Switch explains about Shinpei, Megumi tells them that she met Shinpei after Shinpei save her from bad guys. The SKET Dan crew realize that Megumi likes Shinpei. When Shinpei leaves, Megumi runs after him and asks him about Shinzo a bit. After Shinzo suffer a loss, he spies Megumi's face. However, this Megumi is a big guy. Megumi takes Shinzo away; Bossun and others think Shinzo is too lax.

Outside of school, Jason cuts up the tree while SKET Dan helps him. Then, Shinzo appears all sleepy and explains that Megumi had him exercising all night with an exercising show. He gives them a DVD called Biney's Mute Amp. Even though everyone look down on the DVD, Jason's words convince Hime to try it out. Back in the club room, Hime turns on the DVD and Biney talking to someone before the show starts. He introduces to Captain Biney who mumbles all the words until the director change him with the muscular man, Andre MacDonald. Hime gets frustrated with the show; Andre has everyone raise their chins up and down and then he has everyone say, "It's not like I'm enjoying this or anything" in a cute or Tsundere manner.

As the show progresses, Andre has everyone bending forward with their arms crossed behind their backs. Andre tells everyone to think like an old female childhood friend as the scene shifts to two students walking home. The boy tries to tell the girl that he promise to marry him, but the girl tells him that she doesn't remember. Then she does the same gesture and says, "I'm joking." Switch joins Himeko; the wacky show goes on with Himeko and Switch exhausted. Andre ends the show by telling them that they can change themselves if they don't give up. Switch and Hime yell glory; Bossun seems unimpressed. When Switch asks Hime about working out in the weekends, Hime declines.

Monday morning has come; Bossun greets Hime and compliments on her hair. Hime sees Bossun all muscular and tan.


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  • Megumi Ogura, Shinpei, and Momoka only appeared in the anime.
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