Saaya Agata
安形 紗綾
Agata Saaya
Nickname Saaya (サーヤ)
Birthday April 26
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 156 cm.
Weight 47 kg.
Hair Brown
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-B (chapters 1-209)
3-E (chapters 210-present)
Likes Belles-lettres and animals
Dislikes Sports
Relatives Mother
Sōjirō Agata (older brother)
Manga Debut Chapter 128
Anime Debut Episode Preview - Episode 51
Seiyū Kana Hanazawa

Saaya Agata (安形 紗綾, Agata Saaya) is the younger sister of Sōjirō Agata who becomes a Sket Dan regular after her initial appearance and she has a crush on Bossun.


Saaya has an average height and brown hair which is nearly always pulled into twintails. She is very well endowed.

The only unique aspect about her school uniform is the pair of knee-socks worn with it.


Saaya has a very stereotypically tsundere personality and is meant as a parody of it. Her personality starts off very severe and prone to switching back and forth between emphasized "tsun" and "dere" elements, but the more time she spends with the Sket Dan, the more level her personality becomes. As a result, her moods become increasingly easy to read. She is very quick to defend the Sket Dan when others talk negatively of the club.

Major Story Points

School Trip Rhapsody

Saaya and her classmates go on a school field trip to Niigata. Before they do, they have a jump rope competition to decide which class gets which room. Saaya gets into an argument with Kanako, but she admits she cannot jump rope well. To fix this, Saaya seeks assistance from Bossun and his Sket Dan crew. On the day of the competition, Saaya and her class did a total of 77 skips. Saaya tells them that she trip the rope. Afterwards, Kanako asks Saaya why she lied for her sake. Saaya states that she and Kanako are alike. The two young girls reconciled. Saaya asks Horii to teach her how to ski.

During the field trip, Saaya overhears some students mentioning that they had met their soul mates. Thinking about Bossun, Saaya contemplates whether she should ask Bossun. Later, Saaya receives a chance when she and Bossun are alone. Unbeknownst to her, Bossun is actually Himeko. Saaya asks Bossun how he feels about Himeko. When Bossun (Himeko) replies that she is a friend, Saaya seems to be relieved. [1]

The Sister Who is Worried About Her Brother Who is Worried About His Sister Worries Her Friends

Shinba requests Bossun and the Sket Dan to help Sōjirō focused on studying for the college entrance exams after Sōjirō had failed the first exam. Shinba explains that Sōjirō is bent on figuring out Saaya's love diagram. Shinba aims to correct Sōjirō's love diagram for Saaya. His solution is to have Saaya tell the truth to her big brother. Though, it fails. Inspired by Bossun's strategy of overwriting Sōjirō's misunderstandings, Shinba formulates a plan with four scenarios. Though, it backfires and further complicates the diagram in Sōjirō's head. [2]


  • Bossun: At first, Saaya treated Bossun just like the other members of the Sket Dan, as she needed their help. As Bossun helped her a great deal, she began developing romantic feelings for him. Even though, she eventually confesses to him, but Bossun seems uninterested in romance. Regardless of that event, she still has feelings for him. [3]


  • The name Saaya means "thread, silk" (紗) (sa) and "design" (綾) (aya).
  • Saaya's surname Agata means "peace, quiet" (安) (asa/aga) and "form, shape" (形) (ta).


  • Saaya is the second Sket Dance character to have a Gainax Bounce with Mimori being the first one in the anime version.[4][5]
  • Saaya loves animals and her hobbies include reading literature and going to cat cafes. [4]


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