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Air Date September 29, 2011
Manga Chapter 180
Opening Michi
Ending Clover

SPIRIT DANCE is the 26th episode of the Sket Dance anime. It is the second of two special crossover episodes between Sket Dance and Gintama.


The Sket Dan room had three mysterious guests!

They are the Yorozuya trio: Sakata Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi, and Kagura.

Because of something Gengai invented, they were stuck in the Sket Dance world. Bossun later thinks that the Yorozuya will take over their series.


During the opening song, Sket Dance characters make a silly face before the show begins its regular theme song.

At Odd Jobs Gin-Chan, Gintoki states that they are going to do a cross over episode with Sket Dance. Shinpachi gets shy a bit, but Kagura reminds him that they did plenty of cross overs in the past. However, Gintoki explains that they have another goal, but before that, Gintoki reveals his data on the Sket Dance show. According to Gintoki, Sket Dance is a comedy manga with a school setting that started in 2007 and anime started in 2011. After he explains what each member is like, Kagura reveals Sket Dance's time slot which is Gintama's old slot. Gintoki states that they have defending that slot for 177 episodes and blames Sket Dance for stealing their spot. He repeats it again, and Shipachi states that there is a lot of shows with trios and odd jobs.

Still talking about Sket Dance, Gintoki tells them that Sket Dance characters have more personality, and he compares Switch to Shinpachi. He asks why Shinpachi talks normally then he asks Kagura why she has not learn any Kansai-style witty retorts and why her boobs are shrinking. This causes Kagura to ask Gintoki why his goggles disappear in the anime version. With Gintoki getting angry, he explains that the author has a limitation in his drawing ability, so this why the goggles are removed early in the anime. Besides, Gintoki reminds them that goggles are for sidekicks like Usopp and Konohamaru.

Back to the matters at hand, Gintoki thinks that their crossover is boring and that they will never reach the pizazz that One Piece and Toriko crossover had attained. When Shinpachi asks why the crossover had occur, Bossun answers that they are pitting their shows against each other due to their similar settings. Bossun and his team do their Sket Dance stance after asking them if they have the talents to match their show. Hime makes Bossun apologize, and Switch thinks Bossun needs to act more cooler. Gintoki gets angry that they are destroying their characters. Switch explains that the Gintama show makes its living by making fun of other shows.

Immediately, Shinpachi dons his headband and blue robe and asks Bossun to recite the 12th clause of the Tsuu Terakado Fanclub creed. Yet, Bossun evades the question by taking a Taka Chin stand when Shinpachi thinks Bossun is Taka Chin. Then, Bossun reveals Teppei to Shinpachi, but Shinpachi gets annoyed. When Hime tells them to stop fighting, Bossun and Shinpachi reveal a brown gibbon, Running Diarrhea. Hime goes in a long rant on the floor. Gintoki tells them that they are the first one, but Switch states that the first ones to attack usually fail. Getting a vein bulge, Gintoki tells them that they will have a challenge over whose show is the best. Hime tells them that they should get along, and Gintoki and Bossun tells them to follow their orders as their jobs are on the line.

At the island, Bossun and Gintoki tells everyone that they are on a scavenger hunt which takes place at Treasure Island. When Hime thinks it sounds familiar, Gintoki explains about a legend every 100 years that the gems bear a fruit. Both Bossun and Gintoki tell them that they are looking for the Pizazz Pizazz fruit. Hime interrupts them and tells them that they are copying from the One Piece and Toriko crossover. Bossun explains that the team that finds the fruit is the winner, and Switch asks Gintoki about the devil's fruit's side effects. Gintoki replies that the user will not sink in the water like a hammer, but the user's crotch will sprout a hammer much to Hime's disbelief. Hime tells them that their show does not do dirty jokes, and Shinpachi tries to help her, but he yells out that the hammer should be right up. When Hime tries to ask Kagura (the only female) for support, Kagura responds that the hammer is better than the hockey stick.

Hime begs her to think, but Kagura reassures her that Bossun will boss into a nail. Gintoki tells Hime to shut up, and he tells them that their crotch will have to do the odd jobs. As Bossun and Gintoki race, the four people begin to gossip about their leaders such as powers. According to Kagura, Gintoki tries to do the Kamehameha while Hime informs them that Bossun has a special power when putting on his goggles. The others start picking characters as Bossun and Gintoki get tired from running. (see P.O.I below)

When Bossun and Gintoki collapses, Bossun and Gintoki complete their sentences as they are sick of the challenge. Hime thinks they want attention, and Kaguru and Shinpachi tells them they should go home. Suddenly, Bossun states that they are seeking the fruit for the sake of the team, and Gintoki calms him down. Gintoki helps Bossun get up, and they both state that apologies will not heal their hearts. Strangely, Kaguru notices they are not moving forward, and Gintoki states that they are not following them. Suddenly, Bossun and Gintoki find the fruit hanging over the cliff. As Bossun and Gintoki fight over the fruit, they notice an old man trying to commit suicide because he has no pizazz and no hammer for a crotch.

Before the old man falls to his doom, Gintoki swings Bossun who grabs the fruit and throws to the old man. At sunset, the old man waves goodbye to Bossun and Gintoki's group. Hime and Kagura rush to comfort the two leaders while Switch tells Shinpachi that they should call this a draw. Switch comments that a Gintama ending is where you twist the story into a good ending. After the group laughs for a moment, Hime reminds them that the episode is over, but Gintoki and Bossun explains that the fruit juice has sprayed them. Gintoki and Bossun have hammers sprouting from their crotch, and the others leave their leaders. Bossun tells the viewers to tune in for next week's episode, Gin-balls.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • Because this episode was aired before Hosuke appeared, it doesn't appear in the anime.
  • The story in anime expanded after the Yorozuya trio went back but ended lost in Sket Dance episodes.
  • The manga did not have the scene where Shinpachi suggests the hammer should be in the erect position (upright).


  • On "Tomokazu Sugita" (Switch and Gintoki's voice actor) joke part, his name not mentioned and changed to "Gin-chan" in the anime. As well as "Daisuke Sakaguchi" (Teppei and Shinpachi's voice actor) joke, only for short, despite the name is not mentioned but only says "the same voice".
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