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Volume 20
Anime Episode 75
Kiri Katō, Bossun, Sasuke Tsubaki, Kutsuwa, Himeko, Switch, Tetsuji Chūma, Hani Usami, Mimori Unyū, Kikuno Asahina

Tsubaki and Bossun confront Katō to get him to release Kutsuwa. When Tsubaki tries to move closer, Katō tells him to go back and let him handle the matter, which Tsubaki refuses. He agrees that he doesn't know what Katō is going through, but states that he understands how precious friends can be and that he won't simply abandon Katō - because they are friends. The statement strikes the wrong chord with Katō, who rips off his armband and throws it into the distance, declaring he doesn't need friends. However, Tsubaki immediately leaps off the hill to catch the armband. Katō watches him climb back up in mixed amazement and frustration, asking why Tsubaki won't let him throw the armband away. Tsubaki shouts that he already said he wouldn't abandon Katō, adding that he won't let the latter throw away his armband as he pleases.

Katō's frustration turns to anger and he grabs Kutsuwa, pulling out a kunai while stating he will bring an end to the matter. Tsubaki, Bossun, and all the students connected through the website watch in horror... only to have Katō cut the ropes around Kutsuwa rather than the teacher himself. As Kutsuwa crashes to the ground, Katō tells him that he is freeing the man out of deference to Tsubaki. Tsubaki holds out the student council armband and voices his approval of Katō's choice of action, telling the latter to return to the student council once his inevitable suspension has ended.

Kutsuwa, however, is far from satisfied and shouts at the trio before declaring that he will ruin all of them, "Onihime" included. Before Katō or Tsubaki can make a move in reaction, Bossun punches Kutsuwa, shouting that he won't forgive those who look down on friendship. He only realizes afterward that he just punched a teacher and thus will also be suspended.

After the two-week long suspension, Bossun discusses what he missed with Himeko and Switch. Meanwhile, in the student council office, Katō kneels before Tsubaki and swears his loyalty. The rest of the student council find the scene exceedingly strange, but don't really know what to say.