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Volume 20
Anime Episode 75
Kutsuwa, Kiri Katō, Bossun, Himeko, Kanegi, Sasuke Tsubaki, Tetsuji Chūma


Sasuke and Kanegi arrives to Bossun's side where they watch the video of Kiri Kato and Kutsuwa. Kiri tells everyone on camera that this is a trial. He demands Kutsuwa to apologize, and when Kutsuwa brings up Onizuka, Kiri defends Himeko by saying that her mistake in the past does not mean the end of her future. A group of teachers arrive, and Kanegi tells them to go look by the mountains. Meanwhile, Kutsuwa says that Kiri hates him, and when Kiri brings up how Kutsuwa made Kihara and his life miserable, Kutsuwa responds that it's all Kiri's fault for being weak.

Suddenly, Kiri grabs Kutsuwa while Sasuke and the others hope Kiri does not attack the teacher. Kiri states that he will never forgive Kutsuwa and demands he apologize for Kihara's sake. Bossun figures out that Kiri is not over in the mountains given the time to write the message and to lug an adult without a car. Himeko realizes that Kiri is over at the Takamadai Nature Park. When Kanegi is about to send teachers over there, Sasuke asks Kanegi to let him go since he is more suitable to handle Kiri. Chuma shows up and convinces Kanegi. Also, Chuma tells Bossun to go with Sasuke. Bossun and Sasuke arrive to Kiri's location.

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