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Volume 20
Anime Episode 75
Kiri Katō, Mitsuo Sawaguchi, Sasuke Tsubaki, Daijirō Kutsuwa, Kihara, Bossun, Switch, Himeko


Tsubaki confronts the new General Affairs Manager Katō about always acting independently. Though Katō claims he only wanted to join the student council to have the authority to punish wrongdoing, Tsubaki states that the former was actually looking for like-minded companions. He reveals that Himeko had told him about what happened to Katō in middle school: seeing a student being bullied, he reported it to a teacher, but the teacher purposefully made the situation worse. That same teacher transfers to Kaimei High School, and when Katō sees the man back to his old tricks, it infuriates him. The next day, a website address appears on the front of the school building. It links to a video feed of the teacher blindfolded and strung from a tree.