The SKET DANCE Original Soundtrack: BEST HIT KAIMEI (SKET DANCE オリジナルサウンドトラック ベストヒットKAIMEI) is an original soundtrack featuring background music from the anime, as well as the TV size versions of the first two sets of opening/ending themes. Also included are a large number of commentary tracks by Otakura's seiyū Kōzō Dōzaka.


  3. "BOSS'N ROLL" OTAKURA'S comment
  4. Boss-man (ボス男, Bosu otoko)
  5. "Boss-man" OTAKURA'S comment
  6. Switch...ON!
  7. "Switch...ON!" OTAKURA'S comment
  8. Switchip-Tune
  9. "Switchip-Tune" OTAKURA'S comment
  10. Gold Princess
  11. "Gold Princess" OTAKURA'S comment
  12. Himeko's Fresh Comedy (ヒメコ新喜劇, Himeko shinkigeki)
  13. "Himeko's Fresh Comedy" OTAKURA'S comment
  14. I Art a Samurai! (侍でござる!, Samurai de gozaru!)
  15. "I Art a Samurai!" OTAKURA'S comment
  16. Their Encounters are Always Suddenly... (出会いはいつも突然に..., Deai ha itsumo totsuzen ni...)
  17. "Their Encounters are Always Suddenly..." OTAKURA'S comment
  18. Otome Filter, Activated (乙女フィルター、発動, Otome fuirutaa, hatsudō)
  19. "Otome Filter, Activated" OTAKURA'S comment
  20. Listless Sensei (だらけたきった先生, Daraketakitta sensei)
  21. "Listless Sensei" OTAKURA'S comment
  22. Pure-Hearted Maiden (純情少女, Junjō shōjo)
  23. "Pure-Hearted Maiden" OTAKURA'S comment
  24. 1 Page of Adolescence (青春の1ページ, Seishun no 1 peeji)
  25. "1 Page of Adolescence" OTAKURA'S comment
  26. It's Definitely... Here (きっと......いる, Kitto... iru)
  27. "It's Definitely... Here" OTAKURA'S comment
  28. Momoka Has Arrived! (百香、参上!, Momoka, sanjō!)
  29. "Momoka Has Arrived!" OTAKURA'S comment
  30. I'm an Idol!? (アタイはアイドル!?, Atai ha aidoru!?)
  31. "I'm an Idol!?" OTAKURA'S comment
  32. No Good!
  33. "No Good!" OTAKURA'S comment
  34. Mystery Game Manual (謎ゲー取説, Nazo gee torisetsu)
  35. "Mystery Game Manual" OTAKURA'S comment
  36. The Spirit of Master Wong (黄老師の魂, Uon-roushi no tamashii)
  37. "The Spirit of Master Wong" OTAKURA'S comment
  38. Being Elegantly Wealthy (お金持ちの優雅なひととき, O-kanemochi no yuuga-na hitotoki)
  39. "Being Elegantly Wealthy" OTAKURA'S comment
  40. Cool&Crazy!
  41. "Cool&Crazy!" OTAKURA'S comment
  42. We're the Sket Dan! (スケット団ッス!, Suketto dan-ssu!)
  43. "We're the Sket Dan!" OTAKURA'S comment
  44. Troubleshoot, Complete!
  45. "Troubleshoot, Complete!" OTAKURA'S comment
  46. Futari ha Nervous (2人はナーバス)
  47. "Futari ha Nervous" OTAKURA'S comment
  48. A Definitive Ending (まさに大団円, Masani daidan'en)
  49. Speedy & Quickly
  50. Search with Afros (アフロでSearch, Afuro de Search)
  51. 5 Seconds Before an Angry Fist (怒りの鉄拳 5秒前, Okori no tekken 5 byou mae)
  52. Strained, Tense Feelings (張り詰める緊張感, Haritsumeru kinchō kan)
  53. Concentration!
  54. Thank You, Everyone (ありがとう、みんな, Arigatou, minna)
  55. Pelo-Pelo-Pelocan! (ペロペロペロキャン!, Pero pero perokyan!)
  56. Magical Swindler: Reality☆Maji (魔法のペテン師 リアリティ☆マジ, Mahō no petenshi riaritei maji)
  57. Kakkowarui I love you! ~ TV size
  58. Comic Sonic ~ TV size
  59. Michi ~ TV size
  60. Clover ~ TV size
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