(That's Our Cool-Glasses)

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Kanji さすかクールメガネ
Romaji Sasuga kūru megane
Volume 4
Anime 12
Kikuno Asahina, Switch, Bossun, Himeko, Shinzō Takemitsu, Nitta, Sōjirō Agata, Sasuke Tsubaki, Michiru Shinba, Mimori Unyū, Roman Saotome


The Sket Dan team panics over the recent developments, but Bossun tells them that Switch still has one chance if he can distract Asahina for just one moment...

Switch throws his empty gun in Asahina's direction right when she's about to shoot, distracting her just long enough for him to draw his second gun. Both shoot at the same moment, but Switch with his left hand. Both shots register, and the official records show that Switch landed the first shot. Asahina asks how Switch was able to land a shot perfectly without switching the gun to his right hand. Switch then tells her that, even while he was holding the gun in his right hand, he was talking to her on his laptop: he's ambidextrous.

Preparation for the fourth round - a love-simulation game - begins, but when Bossun asks where Momoka is he finds out that she has a seiyū gig and couldn't come. The team panics, realizing that this would mean an automatic loss, but Himeko tells them she's taken care of things.

Enter Roman, who's here to help out her prince. Bossun wonders if she will be of any use, but Switch reminds him that the next battle is one of romance. With the power of Roman's "otome filter" at their disposal, they figure they have a good shot at winning. With the match about to begin, Roman walks over to talk with the Student Council and finds out her opponent is Mimori.

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