Ryōsuke Kirishima
桐島 亮輔
Kirishima Ryōsuke
Nickname Ryō-chan (リョウちゃん)
Birthday April 9
Gender Male
Blood Type B
Height 172 cm.
Weight 62 kg.
Hair Black
Likes Kansetsuman
Dislikes Gambling
Relatives Haru Kirishima (wife)
Yūsuke Fujisaki (son)
Sasuke Tsubaki (son)
Manga Debut Chapter 81
Anime Debut Episode 46
Seiyū Hiroyuki Yoshino

Ryōsuke Kirishima (桐島 亮輔, Kirishima Ryōsuke) is the husband of Haru Kirishima and the father of Yūsuke Fujisaki and Sasuke Tsubaki.


Ryōsuke has messy hair that curls upwards. His facial structure and hair is similar to his son, Bossun. He normally wears an orange sleeveless jacket over a red shirt.


Like his sons, Ryōsuke is devoted to helping and caring for others which lead to his death because other people helped him and he treasures the bonds between family and friends.


As a child, Ryōsuke's parents deserted him and he was raised at the Hidamari Garden Children's Nursing Home. There, he became fast friends with fellow orphan Haru Kirishima, who often defending her when others made her cry.

With a strong sense of justice, he believed in never ignoring someone who needed help. On the day of his sons' birth, he was killed when he jumped in front of a car to protect a young Taisuke Mishima, who had been playing in the street.


  • To Taisuke: "Become strong, somebody who can offer a helping hand to people who are in trouble."[1]
  • Ryosuke's Letter: "Friends are treasures. Help each other and value the bonds you have."[1]


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