Rumi's Tour of Club Activities

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Kanji ルミの部活見学ツアー
Romaji Rumi no bukatsu kengaku tsuaa
Volume 25


Rumi, having only recently started attending Kaimei High School, is looking for a club to join and gets her brother Bossun to show her around.

Firstly, she asks him to accompany her to the literature club because she likes writing. Since the club is not like what she imagined it to be and instead full of creepy guys all quoting poems and talking in monologues, she decides to join another club. Afterwards she and Bossun visit many clubs including the (Girls) Manga Club, the Occult Research Club and the Quiz Society but she starts to give up because none of the clubs fit her preferences (and are also full of weird people). Though, Bossun advises her to join a club for her own sake.

Later, she sees a flyer about the Pocket Dan, and after seeing all the clubs and hearing of the Sket/Pocket Dan rivalry she writes a review of all the clubs she saw and an article on the rivalry. She is invited to join the newspaper club and she accepts, where she gets her own segment at the school newspaper - 'Rumi Watch'.

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