Round 4 - Kokuhaku Monogatari

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Kanji 四回戦 こくはく物語
Romaji Yonkaisen kokuhaku monogatari
Volume 4
Anime 13
Himeko, Bossun, Shinzō Takemitsu, Roman Saotome, Mimori Unyū, Nitta, Tadokoro, Sōjirō Agata, Michiru Shinba, Tsutomu Tomori, Sasuke Tsubaki, Switch, Kikuno Asahina


The fourth contest is one where each contestant is required to act out a confession to a random member of the audience. The most convincing confession wins.

The audience member, Tadokoro, is introduced, and Mimori steps up. She hands him a letter, asking him to accept it. The male audience, with the exception of Shinba, is struck by a pink aura. However, Asahina and Michiru worry about what is in the envelope. As they suspected, inside is a check for ten million yen. Agata and Tsubaki shout at her to use her feelings, not her money, so she adds five thousand to the sum. Tadokoro signals for the second competitor.

Roman starts off her skit with an elaborate Act I: The First Meeting, where she searches for her new school. She comes across Tadokoro to ask for directions and turns her otome filter up full power to compensate for Tadokoro's plain appearance. Himeko butts in impatiently and the referee urges Roman to hurry. She then skips to Act 176: Confession. The Act takes place in Bristol, England, where Tadokoro is called Edward and Roman Stephanie. Stephanie tells Edward that she can't go on, but that he should meet his mother as she promised to help him do when they first met. Tadokoro gets caught up in the otome world and cries out as Stephanie confesses on her dying breath. The entire stadium, excluding Michiru again, is engulfed in Roman's aura. However, ultimately Tadokoro chooses the Student Council team and Agata notices Tsutomu paying off Tadokoro after the fact.

Now tied at 2-2, Bossun and Agata step up for the final round.

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