Round 1 - Cooking Colosseum

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Kanji 一回戦 クッキングコロシアム
Romaji Ikkaisen kukkingu koroshiamu
Volume 4
Anime Episode 11
Nitta, Michiru Shinba, Himeko, Bossun, Shinzō Takemitsu, Switch, Sōjirō Agata, Sasuke Tsubaki, Mimori Unyū, Kikuno Asahina


While under pressure, Bossun had delegated the first contest, a cooking competition, to Himeko. The representative from the Student Council turns out to be Michiru. The contest is a 20 minute round where each contestant has to prepare an egg dish for a panel of five judges. The Sket Dan team doubts Himeko's abilities (after all, she likes Pelocan) while Tsubaki asserts that Michiru's cooking is peerless.

To the Sket Dan's surprise, Himeko breezes her way through the contest. Meanwhile, Michiru poses for photographs before getting started late in the game. He creates a simple omelette while Himeko prepares oyakodon. Both teams and the judges are full of praise for Himeko's dish. However, upon tasting Michiru's dish, the vote is cast in his favor. Despite the loss, the Sket Dan praises Himeko and asks her to cook for them again, leading her to tears.

The second round begins with Shinzō vs. Tsubaki.

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