Romantic! Finding the Hilltop Pelolin!

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Kanji ロマンティック坂の上のファインディングペロリン
Romaji Romanteikku saka no ue no fuaindeingu perorin
Air Date April 28, 2011
Manga Chapters 7 & 13
Opening Kakkowarui I love you!
Ending Comic Sonic

Romantic! Finding the Hilltop Pelolin! (ロマンティック坂の上のファインディングペロリン, Romanteikku saka no ue no fuaindeingu perorin) is the 4th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


This is episode featuring two requests. One is a young girl from Manga Club and one from Baseball Club.


Roman, a girl who sees the world as if it were part of a shōjo manga, witnesses a handsome boy attending to a bedraggled puppy in the rain and immediately falls in love. As she is unaware of the boy's name, but believes he attends Kaimei High School, she turns to the Sket Dan for help. Unfortunately, Roman's shōjo manga antics made her hard to deal with and on top of that, the picture she drew of her "prince" is surprisingly horrible - despite her being part of the school's manga club!

Ultimately, they decide to revisit where Roman saw the boy. As she gives them details on the encounter, Bossun realizes that what she must have seen was him dealing with a soggy towel in the rain. When a truck suddenly appears and nearly runs Roman over, Bossun jumps in to save her and she also realizes that Bossun is her prince...

Later, Himeko is all fired up due to a contest being held by Pelollipop Candy - where winners will receive a doll of the company's mascot Pelorin. Soon, Chiaki turns up to ask for help in finding her lost winning Pelollipop wrapper. She explains how her brother had commented on Pelorin's expression resembling that in a picture of their deceased mother, leading the siblings to eat tons of the candy in an attempt to win the doll. Moved by her story, the Sket Dan jump to her aid and the four of them begin searching the school grounds.

There, they run into Jōgasaki, whom Chiaki had tripped over earlier. Thanks to their encounter, he had developed a crush on her and is only too happy to help once Chiaki asks. Jōgasaki ends up finding the wrapper, and, noticing the Sket Dan's reactions to his threats of burning it, demands that Himeko kneel to him. Though she adamantly refuses, Bossun orders her to do it - and then shoots a Pelollipop candy into Jōgasaki's laughing mouth, causing him to immediately puke. The wrapper recovered, Chiaki and the Sket Dan return to the clubroom... only to discover that Chiaki's wrapper had been in her pocket all along. Himeko, of course, is only too happy to take the extra winning wrapper.


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Manga and Anime Differences

  • In the manga, Chiaki explains to Himeko and the others that she found her Pelorin wrapper in her bag. Compared to the anime, Chiaki finds on the ground after Himeko knocks out Jōgasaki nearby.
  • The anime adds an extra scene where Jōgasaki receives a bag of Pelollipop Candy as compensation from the Sket Dan.
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