Rock Dance ~Encounter~

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Kanji ロケット・ダンス ~遭遇~
Romaji Roketto dansu sōgū
Volume 6
Anime 32
Bossun, Hime Onizuka, Switch, Sasuke Tsubaki, Sojiro Agata, Daisy, Shinba Michiru, Mimori Unyu, Kunio Yamanobe


Bossun and his crew are bored in space, so they play a game of Shiritori until they crash into another spaceship. They receive a transmission from an alien (Tsubaki). Switch (the robot) helps translate Tsubaki's request, he begs them to help return him back to his home planet. When Agata the space pirate demands treasure from Tsubaki, Tsubaki complies with the request in order to protect his people. The Sket Dan crew reassure Tsubaki that they will fight the pirates. Although, the trip to Tsubaki's home planet will take over a year to get to.

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