Ringo Mitsui
三井 林檎
Mitsui Ringo
Nickname Apple (アップル)
Gender Female
School Kaimei High School, Class 1-?
Affiliation Deka Club
Manga Debut Chapter 106
Deka-Dance in a Circle

Ringo Mitsui (三井 林檎, Mitsui Ringo) is a member of the Deka Club at Kaimei High School who was ordered to watch Tsubaki's movements. Unfortunately, her club leader forgets about having issued the order.[1]


She is a normal girl with thin, round glasses. Like most girls, she wears her school uniform with a vest and an ascot. She has two bangs at the front that extends sideways. She has a ponytail tied into a bun.


She's a hard working girl who follows Dekata's orders.


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