Remember, Alien vs. Predator is Also a Collaboration

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Kanji コラボにはエイリ○ンVSプ×デターがあるのも覚えておけ
Romaji Korabo ni wa Eirixn vs Pxxxdetā ga aru no mo oboeteoke
Air Date September 26, 2011
Manga Gintama Chapter 349
Opening Tōgenkyō Alien
Ending Balance Doll

Remember, Alien vs. Predator is Also a Collaboration (コラボにはエイリ○ンVSプ×デターがあるのも覚えておけ, Korabo ni wa Eirixn vs Pxxxdetā ga aru no mo oboeteoke) is the first of two special crossover episodes between Sket Dance and Gintama.


When Gintoki is paranoid about Sket Dance taking their spot in the television schedule, Bossun and his group arrive to their turf. After Bossun and Gintoki make a bet to find who is better, the two leaders race to find the Pizazz Pizazz Fruit.


Gintoki, overly paranoid of Sket Dance's goals of taking over Gintama's time slot, reacts with hostility towards Sket Dan at the beginning of the episode. The paranoia between both the Yorozuya and Sket Dan result in a race to find the Pizazz- Pizazz Fruit on a distant island full of jewels. According to Gintoki and Bossun, the jewel plants on the island produce an Akuma no Mi (Devil's Fruit), specifically the Pizazz- Pizazz Fruit, once every hundred years. As the episode seems to lean more towards a One Piece x Toriko crossover, it is questioned if the Pizazz- Pizazz Fruit has any suspicious side-effects, like "turning into a hammer in the water". To this, Gintoki reassures the two groups that the Fruit does not turn the eater into a hammer when in the water... it only turns one's crotch into a hammer. With this, Gintoki and Bossun are convinced that the fruit will give them each more "pizazz", hence the race to find it.

Shinpachi, Switch, Himeko and Kagura refuse to participate in the race while Bossun and Gintoki leap into it with vigor. Eventually, the two odd-job leaders tire out and try to get their respective group to sympathize with their exhaustion but fail. While Gintoki and Bossun attempt to think of a different idea, they spot the Pizazz-Pizazz Fruit on a cliff face and fight each other to get to the fruit first. However, while they are fighting for the fruit, they spot a middle-aged man standing on the opposite cliff face, apologizing to his wife for not being able to hold a hammer anymore and therefore not being able to do his job as a carpenter. The man expresses his wish to have his crotch turn into a hammer and save his career with his "rapid hip movements", and jumps off the cliff.

Bossun and Gintoki simultaneously agree to give the man the Pizazz- Pizazz Fruit; Gintoki holds on to Bossun and the cliff while Bossun grabs the Fruit and throws it into the middle-aged man's face, driving the man back onto the top of the cliff.

At the end of the episode, the middle-aged man thanks the Yorozuya and Sket Dan for helping him while Gintoki and Bossun sulk side by side, facing the ocean sunset. Himeko reprimands them for sulking, assuming that their unhappiness is from not gaining any "pizazz" when Gintoki interrupts her, saying that "it's not that." Bossun continues, explaining that when he threw the Pizazz- Pizazz Fruit into the man's face, some of the juice got into his and Gintoki's mouths. The Yorozuya and Sket Dan just turn around and walk away from their respective leader, not saying anything and leaving Gintoki and Bossun to mourn their crotches-turned-hammers by themselves.


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