Remember, Alien vs. Predator is Also a Collaboration
Chapter Gintama 349.5
Kanji コラボにはエイリ○ンVSプ×デターがあるのも覚えておけ
Romaji Korabo ni wa Eirixn vs Pxxxdetā ga aru no mo oboeteoke
Volume Gintama 40
Anime Episode 26-a
Bossun, Himeko, Switch, Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura, Kagura


Gintoki discusses with his gang about the Sket Dan of the Sket Dance series are ripping them off. Then, Bossun and his gang arrive to Gintoki's hideout where Bossun challenges Gintoki to a showdown to determine who is the better trio and who's the fake. Himeko and the others try to calm down their leaders, but both Bossun and Gintoki claim their pride is on the line. The two teams head to treasure island to hunt for the special devil fruit that causes one to grow hammer out of their crotch. Only Bossun and Gintoki carry on the treasure hunt while the supporting characters chat with each other about their leaders.


  • This Gintama crossover version is a reference to the One Piece and Toriko crossover story.