Reiko Yūki
結城 澪呼
Yūki Reiko
Birthday December 27
Gender Female
Blood Type O
Height 160 cm.
Weight 41 kg.
Hair Black
School Kaimei High School
Class 2-A (chapters 1-209)

3-C (chapters 210-present)

Affiliation Occult Research Club
Manga Debut Chapter 3
The Ghost of the Incinerator
Anime Debut Episode 5
The Ghost of the Incinerator
Seiyū Yū Kobayashi (Drama CD)
Fumiko Orikasa (anime)

Reiko Yūki (結城 澪呼, Yūki Reiko) is a member of the Occult Research Club who is knowledgeable about spiritual, suspicious subjects. She is Switch's sworn rival and the two have had several disputes over the existence of ghosts.


What Yuki looks like after Switch's makeover

Reiko has a ghastly appearance, often being mistaken for a ghost herself due to the shadows under her eyes and her standard facial expressions. She has long dark hair which often falls to obscure part of her face, which enhances the ghostly effect. Her complexion is perfectly white and she walks hunched over like an old woman.

At one point, Switch proves that she can look very pretty, given the right makeup and hair styling.


Reiko has a creepy personality and unnerving mannerisms, but does seem to care for her friends. She is normally soft spoken, but does start randomly screaming in the middle of sentences, often scaring the Sket Dan members save Switch. Despite her obsession with the supernatural, she showed extreme fear when she thought she saw the ghost of the incinerator.


In middle school, Reiko was somewhat of a melancholic girl with few friends who had little to no interest in fashion and appearances, and wasn't as interested in the occult as she is at present. She fell for Kobayashi, a classmate whom was popular with the girls, but he turned her down due to her being "too scary."

Reiko said that her ancestors were witches during Episode 6.

Major Story Points

Himeko showing Bossun and Switch the rumored "Ghost of the Incinerator"

The Ghost of the Incinerator

Reiko is shown suddenly appearing out of the Sket Dan Clubroom window while the Sket Dan were discussing about the supernatural and the more recent "Ghost of the Incinerator" which is currently being published by the school newspaper. This scares both Bossun and Himeko due to Reiko's very scary appearance. However, Switch does not seem to be affected because he believes that the supernatural and such are just utter nonsense. Reiko tells the Sket Dan that she came here because she wanted to prove Switch wrong as she was the person who took the photo of the ghost. To prove it, she brought the Sket Dan to where she took the picture of the ghost. Apparently, Reiko was reading the school newspaper's "Seven Wonders Corner" and took an interest in the ghost story published. So, she thought it was worth a shot to try and take a picture of the ghost. Unexpectedly, the ghost really did appear, scaring Reiko to the point of her whole body shivering. She managed to press the shutter anyway.

After listening, Switch remarks that Reiko's story was utter nonsense and that he would bring proof about the ghost being non-existent, with or without Bossun and Himeko. This leads to Reiko making a request stating that she wants the Sket Dan to investigate the "Ghost of the Incinerator" incident, to which Switch immediately accepts but to the horror of both Bossun and Himeko. Eventually, after some investigating, Switch calls Reiko to witness his proof. At first, the ghost does seem to appear right before their eyes, shocking everyone. However, the ghost turns out to be Bossun. Bossun, now smiling, asks the person who published the picture of the "Ghost of the Incinerator" whether she believes in what she publishes. With Reiko shocked, she looked around to find none other than Shimada Takako, the person who accepted her photo and also published it. With Reiko wanting an explanation, Bossun explains that this "ghost" was just a little magic trick that could be pulled off by anyone. All the person needs to do is to cut a hole on one side of the trousers and stand on that one leg which can't be seen from behind. Thus, if the person is seen from directly behind, it will look as if the person was actually floating in mid-air. Bossun also tells everyone that Switch was the person who figured out the trick and prepared it last night. After even more proof concerning how the photo published wasn't even the same photo Reiko took, Takako finally confessed saying that she always wanted to have her story published on the front page of the newspaper. Due to that reason, Takako chose to trick Reiko entirely because she thought that since Reiko believes so much in the occult, she might actually get fooled. It was proven successful when Reiko actually got fooled and brought the photo she took, however, it wasn't clear enough for anyone to notice. Thus, she did the trick again but by herself and using a self-timer camera this time. So, she published that photo instead of the one Reiko took. After listening, Reiko forgives Takako, stating that Takako really didn't mean any harm. Reiko then turns to Switch stating that she has lost this round due to Switch's superior information-gathering and teamwork but she will continue to bring Switch into the occult. Switch replies back that he will gladly look forward to proving her wrong again.

Himiko Minakami A.K.A The Fake Fortune Teller

The Fake Fortune Teller

Reiko is shown to be really into fortune telling and even had a fortune telling stall inside her clubroom. After having some clients, the Sket Dan shows up to get their fortunes told. However, Switch only came along to prove Reiko wrong. After Reiko reads Switch's fortune, he concludes that Reiko's so-called "fortune telling" was utterly useless and had no basis or proof. Though this doesn't really hurt Reiko, it does seem to insult her in a way because it is also an insult to her fortune telling teacher, Himiko Minakami. Switch then asks how far she adores this "teacher" of hers. Reiko just tells Switch to be careful as his future of getting sick would come true. Then, she presents a bracelet to Switch which would protect him from harm, though for a price of 6000 yen. The Sket Dan (now worried about Reiko) asks where the money would go, to which Reiko replies that all effective charms sold were from Minakami and the money would also go back to Minakami. With that, the Sket Dan wants to meet this "teacher" and asks Reiko to set up a meeting time and place. Reiko agrees and brings the Sket Dan to Minakami Himiko. There, the Sket Dan wants to prove her wrong so Minakami requests that the Sket Dan along with Reiko should be the next people on her fortune telling show. On the day of the show, Reiko witnessed the fact that Minakami Himiko was actually predicting everything that had happened in Bossun's life and that he had a twin brother. With Reiko convinced that Himiko Minakami's fortune telling was absolute, Bossun calmly states that Minakami was wrong as he is that twin. With that, Reiko realizes that Bossun was actually Tsubaki in disguise. With the "Fake Fortune Teller" defeated, Reiko thanks the Sket Dan and especially Switch for opening her eyes and making her realize that she was being fooled. However, Bossun states that Reiko should still pursue fortune telling as it suits her well. Reiko agrees with him saying that she would also come up with her own original method of fortune telling, to which Switch tells her that he'll tear it up if he can.

Home-made Horror Movies

Reiko appears out of the Sket Dan Clubroom window again, scaring both Bossun and Himeko but irritating Switch. This time, she asks the Sket Dan for help in the site that she is hosting. There was a time when the site received favorable reviews but lately it has become less popular. Asking Switch for his laptop, Reiko manages to obtain it after bickering with Switch and winning. Using it, she shows Bossun and Himeko about this site called "Restrict 6-Horror Award" which is a contest for short horror films under 3 minutes. Thus, she wants to win for the fame she will get for her site and requests that the Sket Dan help her in making the home-made horror movie. Switch disagrees, stating that he does not want to help them in any way.

While Bossun, Himeko and Reiko were happily writing the script, to Switch, it was the most amateur-like way of doing it. Thus, it made him give great advice while still denying the fact of helping them. While they were acting, in Switch's point of view, they were even more terrible than before. This made Switch snap since he loves horror movies and they seemed like they were just an insult to the horror genre. So, Switch took up the request and became the director of the film. After kicking Bossun and Himeko out of the movie, he enlists the help of the school's film club. While Bossun and Himeko were ridiculing him by asking if he has a cast or not, he does not hesitate to show them his casts which consists of Junichi Son, Hōsuke, Saotome Roman, Dante and Reiko. Eventually, the 3 minute film was completed. The film depicts scary moments with an even more scarier atmosphere. In the end, it won the contest but due to its extreme horror genre, nobody dared to visit Reiko's site anymore.


  • To Switch: "I shall draw you the world of the occult!"


  • The name Reiko means "water route, shipping channel" (澪) (rei) and "call" (呼) (ko).
  • Reiko's surname Yūki means "tie, bind" (結) () and "castle" (城) (ki).


  • In a special New Year episode, Yuki plays a fake role in some of the compilation clips such as Himeko's Ogress arc.[1]


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