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Kanji ロボット・ダンス
Romaji Robotto dansu
Volume 22
Himeko, J-son, Switch, Bossun, Kiri Katō, Moe Yabasawa, Sasuke Tsubaki
  • Setting: Outer Space.
  • Character Roles:
    • Himeko as the head of a clan that reigns over the Mechapolis city named Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni.
    • J-Son as one of Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni's robot.
    • Doctor Switch as a mad scientist that made 4 robots of justice to stop Himekooni Oniioni Oniooni Onioni.
    • Bossun as Char Boss, one of Doctor Switch's robot. It is just a piece of junk that speaks in Gahinese.
    • Kiri Katou as one of Doctor Switch's robot. It is a ninja-type armored android named "Kiri Sliced Cheese". It won't obey any order unless is it from the 'President'.
    • Moe Yabasawa as Yabaemon, a Doraemon-like and awfully robot.
    • Sasuke Tsubaki as Giant Tsubaki aka the 'President' Kiri has obey for, is Doctor Switch's robot. It is actually not big as its name. It also speaks in Gahinese and often fights with Char Boss.