Quiz Warrior Enigman

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Kanji クイズ戦士エニグマン
Romaji Kuizu senshi eniguman
Air Date December 1, 2011
Manga Chapters 53 & 121
Opening Graffiti
Ending Milk and Chocolate

Quiz Warrior Enigman (クイズ戦士エニグマン, Kuizu senshi eniguman) is the 35th episode of the Sket Dance anime.


After sealing up the Pelorin doll that belongs to Himeko, Enigman appears through the Sket Dan Clubroom window and challenges the Sket Dan to a quiz battle at the rooftop of Kaimei High School.


Switch begins talking about how the word "pain" means bread in French and asks his comrades what kind of pain is too hard to eat. Hime answers stale bread, but she is wrong. Bossun answers frying pan which is the right answer. Switch proceeds with the next question. Hime answers a great disaster, but she gets it wrong again. Bossun answers bath because baths in Japan are heated by fires in the old days. Hime asks Bossun who is eating if he is a genius. Hime praises Bossun as a god much to Bossun's annoyance. When Bossun asks Switch about these cliche puns, he glances at Switch's book of riddles. Hime notices the box. Suddenly, a voice appears and explains that Hime's Pelorin doll has been locked in the mystery box. The mysterious man emerges from the window and introduces himself as a man who quests after stigma and quizzes. Hime grabs the man and proceeds to pummel him.

After Hime's beatings, Switch explains that this Enigmaman is Daimon Akitoshi Kun from the quiz club. Hime begs the man for her doll, but Daimon states that they must beat them in a quiz round. He gloats about how their record is 10 wins this year. Yet, Bossun and Hime turn their back on Daimon with no interest, and Hime insults him for his looks. Daimon responds that there are three people in the world: S for sadists, M for masochists, and N for quizzists. He admits that he enjoys stumping people, and he reveals a silver key. Daimon runs off, and Hime chases him. On their roof, the Enigman announces that battle Q has started. While Bossun and the others bicker a bit, Enigman introduces his assistant, Quettion, and teases her about her revealing outfit.

Now for the rules, Quettion reveals a flip book and that the quiz will consist of three questions. One member answers one question each. If they all answer correctly, they win. Bossun reminds them that they should keep their promise if they win their quiz game. Quettion reveals the first question. Enigman explains that a teacher has labeled trash bags for boys, girls, and unsorted. However, Shigeru mixes up the labels. He asks the SKET Dan the question and starts the time while he and Quettion dance and sing. Hime answers that she will beat the answer out of Shigeru, yet she is wrong. Switch chimes in and answers about putting Shigeru in a bag labeled "lion food." He is also wrong. After Hime adds her spin to it, Bossun chimes in and responds taht all the labels are incorrect. He explains that the bag for boys is for girls and unsorted, the bag for girls is for boys and unsorted, and the unsorted bag is for boys and girls.

Making the Enigman sweat, Bossun states that the contents of the unsorted must be open which decides everything. After the cheer, a herd of pigs comes in and he explains the situation. He asks them what is the fewest animal needed for this. While Sket Dance write their answer, Quettion and Enigman do their usual song and dance. First one to answer is Hime, she answers eight animals, but she is wrong. Next, Switch reveals his drawing of Bossun leading the herd of four animals. Yet, Switch is also wrong. Bossun answers by arranging the animals. He states that there are only 3 animals.

For the final question, Enigman present a situation where 3 cats catch 3 mice in 3 minutes. How many cats would you need to catch 100 mice in 100 minutes? Hime answers immediately with 100, but she is wrong. Bossun tells her to think seriously, and Switch explains that three cats are needed. However, Switch is wrong. Bossun puts on his concentration ability to figure out the answer, and he states that with three cats, it will take 102 minutes to catch 100 mice. The real answer is four cats. Hime goes and gropes Bossun and praise him for being a god. Enigman gives Bossun a key and tells him that he will stump him one day. He and Quettion run away.

Second part

The student council rounds up the animals while Sasuke thinks SKET Dan did it. Switch tells them that it was not them. When he is prompted to answer who, Switch tells the student council that he will answer if they answer his little quiz. In the hallways, Moe shouts Yabas as she gazes upon A-Kun who has every girls' heart pounding. In the SKET Dan's clubroom, the same A-kun asks the SKET Dan to help with his romantic problem. This leaves Bossun puzzled. A-kun will not give his name or his club. Yet, Bossun does not have his crazy Otaku partner, Switch, here to get some information. A-kun states that he cannot confess because he does not want to ruin the friendship. The girl is in the same club but not in the same class. To make matters worse, A-kun does not know her name nor her face because their club's rules force them to wear masks. A-kun states that their club fight other clubs. Bossun suddenly realizes that A-kun is Enigman due to the quizzes.

Meanwhile, Switch is dancing while the student council guess the number of animals. Hime and Bossun points out that Enigman acts differently without his mask, and Bossun does a demonstration for him. Daimon states that he and Quettion started the club, and that over the years, Quettion liked him as Enigman. However, Daimon thinks if Quettion knew about his other persona, she would not love him anymore. Bossun yells and cusses at him for his cowardice despite the traditions. His words about how he is a masked coward makes Daimon have a revelation.

At school when the sunsets, Daimon reveals his true identity to Quettion while Bossun and Hime peeks. Hime bets on Quettion being cute with a cute personality while Bossun bets she's ugly with an ugly personality. Back to the couple in progress, Daimon tells her that he loves her as Daimon and that this is his true personality. He asks her politely to take her mask off. As Quettion removes her mask, she has a beautiful face, but she has a personality change. Quettion explains that she's obedient to Enigman, but she is not interested in Daimon. Also, she tells them not to act friendly to her outside of the club. Quettion bid them farewell while Daimon faint. Bossun and Hime lost the bet on Quettion. Meanwhile on the roof, the student council try to answer Switch's questions with Sasuke refusing to give up.


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Manga & Anime Differences

  • For the first story, Bossun did not have the Buddha reference when Hime praise him as god in the manga.
  • Also, there is no herd of animals for the second quiz in the manga. Instead, they did a drawing of the animals.
  • Manga only: At the end of the first story, Hime and the others open the mystery box to find another box. Enigman comes in and tells them to another quiz round.
  • For the second story, the manga did not explain where Switch is or why he is absent.
  • Anime only: Switch quizzes the student council. He and the student council only appears in the anime.
  • Scene alteration: In the manga, Daimon does the demonstration of his personality of Enigman with the mask on. However, in the anime, Bossun is the one who does the demonstration.
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