Quecchon Question

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Kanji クエッチョン・クエスチョン
Romaji Kuecchon kuesuchon
Volume 21
Quecchon, Mitsuo Sawaguchi, Enigman, Himeko, Switch, Bossun, Momoka Kibitsu


A maskless Enigman stumbles upon a maskless Quecchon feverishly searching for something in the hallway and brings her to the Sket Dan to ask for help. She, however, refuses to tell them outright what she is looking for and instead gives them a series of abstract clues. At first, they bring her a strange-looking insect - which turns out to be completely wrong. Bossun then notices a calendar on the wall behind her and immediately realizes the answer upon checking the date - February 13th. It turns out the item she had lost was an Enigman-shaped chocolate she had made to give to Enigman for Valentine's Day. Bossun finds and returns it and the Sket Dan trio leave the room to allow Quecchon to give it to Enigman in private. On the way home afterward, Himeko worries about what she'll do for Valentine's Day and elsewhere, Momoka answers an interviewer's question on the same topic with a comment that sounds suspiciously like she'll be giving chocolate to Switch.